JCPenney Testing Apple Pay Support for Store Cards, Nationwide Rollout Coming in Spring 2016

JCPenney has started testing its store credit cards with Apple’s Apple Pay payments service, allowing customers at one location in Texas to add their JCPenney charge cards to Apple Pay. Customers in the Dallas–Fort Worth area visiting the JCPenney store at The Village at Fairview are able to participate in the Apple Pay pilot program, which is set to roll out to stores nationwide in the spring of 2016.

Customers with a JCPenney charge card receive a notice about the Texas pilot program when attempting to add a JCPenney card to Apple Pay using the Wallet app. The notification also includes details about the full launch of the JCPenney Apple Pay service.

Apple Pay support for store credit cards is a new feature, introduced alongside iOS 9 but announced at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Thus far, Kohl’s is the only major retailer that currently allows its store cards to be added to Apple Pay, but both Kohl’s and JCPenney have been touted as the two major partners for the feature.

iOS 9 also brought Apple Pay support for in-store loyalty cards, allowing customers to add their rewards cards to the Wallet app to further cut down on the number of physical cards that must be carried. Walgreens is the first retailer to support the Apple Pay rewards program.

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List of Apple Stores With 12-Inch Retina MacBook Display Models [Mac Blog]

Following our own list of Apple Stores carrying the Apple Watch Edition that we published last week, we now have a crowdsourced list of Apple retail locations that have 12-inch Retina MacBook display models set up in the United States, Canada, China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom. Given how quickly this list will likely change, we will not be updating this article and recommend keeping tabs on the MacRumors discussion thread instead.

Since this is a crowdsourced list by MacRumors forum members, only some locations have been independently verified by us to have new MacBook display models in store. Apple Stores that did not have new MacBooks available on launch day should receive them in the near future, as many retail employees confirmed to us that Apple was expected to be delivering display models soon. Keep in mind that this list covers display models only and not in-store stock of new MacBooks available for purchase.

United States
Hawaiian Village (HI): Not displayed, not available
Easton (Columbus, OH): Not displayed, not available (Possibly April 13)
Beavercreek: Not displayed, not available (Possibly April 13)
Tyson’s Corner (Washington DC): Displayed, not available
Pentagon Mall (Washington DC): Displayed, not available
West 14th St. (New York, NY): Displayed, not available
Boston: Displayed, not available (Possibly April 24)
Frisco (TX): Displayed, not available
Naperville (IL): Displayed, not available
Oak Brook (IL): Displayed, not available
Broomfield (CO): Not displayed, not available
Highland Village (Houston, TX): Displayed, not available
Boulder (CO): Not displayed, not available
Evergreen Walk (CT): Not displayed, no info about availability
Valley Fair (Santa Clara, CA): Displayed, not available
Walnut Creek (Bay Area, CA): Displayed, not available
Grand Central (New York, NY): Displayed, not available
Ala Moana (Honolulu, HI): Displayed, not available
Scottsdale Quarter (Scottsdale, AZ): Displayed, not available
International Plaza (Tampa, FL): Displayed, not available
Galleria (Houston, TX): Displayed, not available
Penn Square (Oklahoma City, OK): Displayed, not available
Burlingame (CA): Displayed, not available
Albuquerque (NM): Displayed, not available
Stanford (CA): Displayed, not available
Bethesda (MD): Displayed, not available
Bethesda (MD): Displayed, not available
San Antonio (TX): Displayed, not available
Towson (MD): Displayed, not available
Willow Bend Mall (Plano, TX): Displayed, not available
La Jolla (CA): Displayed, not available
South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA): Displayed, not available
Burlington (MA): Displayed, not available
Short Pump (Richmond, VA): Displayed, not available
Park Meadows Mall (Lone Tree, CO): Displayed, not available
Cherry Creek Mall (Denver, CO): Displayed, not available
Crabtree Valley Mall (Raleigh, NC): Displayed, not available as of April 10 morning

Halifax Shopping Centre (Halifax, NS): Not displayed, not available
Place Ste-Foy (Quebec, QC): Not displayed, not available
Eaton Centre (Toronto, ON): Not displayed, not available
Mapleview Centre (Burlington, ON): Not displayed, not available

Shenzhen (Southern China): Displayed, not available (In stock in 4 weeks)

CAP 3000 (Nice): Not displayed, not available (No availability announced)
Confluence (Lyon): Not displayed, not available

Jungfernstieg (Hamburg): Not displayed, not available
Alstertal (Hamburg): Not displayed, not available
Kö-Bogen, Königsallee 2 (Düsseldorf): Not displayed, not available

Amsterdam: Not displayed, not available
The Hague: Not displayed, not available
Haarlem: Not displayed, not available

Paseo de Gracia (Barcelona): Not displayed, not available (No availability announced)
La Maquinista (Barcelona): Not displayed, not available (No availability announced)

United Kingdom
Watford: Not displayed, not available
Brighton: Not displayed, not available
Covent Garden: Not displayed, not available
Kingston: Not displayed, not available (Possibly April 24)
Exeter: Not displayed, not available
Edinburgh: Not displayed, not available
Birmingham Bull Ring: Not displayed, not available
SouthGate (Bath): Not displayed, not available
Regent Street (London): Not displayed, not availableApple’s 12-inch Retina MacBook became available to purchase in silver, space gray and gold on April 10, the same day that Apple Watch pre-orders began in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and United Kingdom. The notebook starts at $1,299 for the base 256GB configuration, while a 512GB model with a slightly faster processor is available for $1,599.

The 12-inch MacBook, positioned at the lower end of Apple’s notebook lineup, paves the way for the future with an ultra-thin design, one USB-C port, redesigned keyboard with an all-new butterfly mechanism, Force Touch trackpad, fanless architecture and all-day battery life. Initial reviews of the new MacBook found the notebook to have major design appeal, but too many key compromises.

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Nightmare Cooperative’s roguelike gameplay will keep you up all night

Roguelike games are a retro treat, hailing back to the earliest computers. They used various ASCII characters to denote dungeon walls and dangerous creatures in an attempt to recreate the experience of playing Dungeons & Dragons. There are many good…Read more ›

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Upcoming Apple Store in Hanover, Germany Likely Opening in September [Mac Blog]

Apple’s upcoming retail store in Hanover, Germany may finally open in late September, reports (Google Translate) citing sources close to Apple’s retail team in the region. The report notes that Apple has had to fix a number of problems with the building to be used for the store, including physical defects, mold, and ventilation issues.

Apple’s upcoming retail store in Hanover, Germany covered by barricades
According to iFun, it is also possible that the store could open to the public on September 19, which has been rumored to be the launch date for the iPhone 6. Apple originally put up its traditional black barricades for the location back in April 2013, as images showing progress on the store surfaced this past March. The layout of the Hanover store will also be similar to the Apple Store Opéra in Paris, France, which has become known as one of the company’s most visually appealing locations.

During its financial results conference call for the third quarter of 2013, Apple announced that it would be building over 30 new stores in fiscal 2014, with 2/3 of those stores being built outside of the United States. Some of those openings have included the Apple Store Zorlu Center in Turkey, the Apple Store VillageMall in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the Apple Store Kurfürstendamm, Berlin, Germany.

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Apple’s New Brazilian Retail Store Opens Its Doors [iOS Blog]

Apple’s first retail store in Brazil opened in Rio de Janeiro this weekend, with approximately 1,700 customers waiting in line for the grand opening (via The Globe]. Customers started queueing up on Thursday night for the Saturday morning debut, with groups waiting both inside and outside the Village Mall.

Photo from The Globe
The opening of the Rio de Janeiro store was announced last week on the company’s website and is Apple’s first store in Latin America. The store has a fairly unique single floor, pavilion-style design with a curved glass exterior. Unlike most other Apple retail stores, the Rio de Janeiro location features a split-concept layout where one half of the store is dedicated to product demonstrations while the other half is focused on accessory sales and services.

Speaking to Brazilian news site The Globe, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer confirmed that Brazil was an increasingly important market for Apple. The Rio de Janeiro store is part of a larger plan to tap into the Latin American market, which traditionally has been a weak market for Apple due to the high import taxes levied on electronic devices.

Apple will be selling its full product lineup in the Rio store, including the iPhone 5S starting at the equivalent of $1,174, with high taxes making it the most expensive Apple retail store for iPhone purchases (via Bloomberg).

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Images of Apple’s First Brazilian Retail Store Surface Ahead of Opening [Mac Blog]

Photos of Apple’s first Brazilian retail store in Rio de Janeiro have surfaced by way of website MacMagazine [Google Translate]. The store, which is located at the VillageMall luxury shopping center, is notable for taking on a unique „pavilion“ look with a single floor and a curved glass exterior. Unlike most Apple Stores, the location is based on the concept of having two large separate spaces, with one side dedicated entirely to product testing and the other focusing on accessory sales and services.

The store’s opening was first announced by Apple on its website last week, as Brazilian news site The Globe [Google Translate] also interviewed Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer about the location. Oppenheimer stated during the interview that Brazil is an „increasingly important market“ for the company and that Apple was aiming to open its first Brazilian store ahead of the FIFA World Cup being held in Rio during the months of June and July.

Oppenheimer also confirmed plans for more stores in the country eventually, stating that Apple sees „great opportunity“ in the region. Brazil has been a tough market for the company as prices on iOS devices in the country have been steep due to high import taxes on electronics. Apple cut the price of the iPhone 4 and 4s in Brazil back in early 2013, and just recently announced plans to continue selling the low-cost iPhone 4.

The first Brazilian Apple Store will open on Saturday, February 15 at 11 A.M.

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