Pro Tip: Delete files immediately in OS X El Capitan

Every day, I delete files. Usually, they’re images or screenshots I download or use for my work here at Cult of Mac. These kinds of files pile up across a full day, and I just want to get rid of them to de-clutter my workspace. Even if I use the Command-Delete keyboard shortcut to get […]

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Exercise without your Apple Watch feeling the burn

Apple Watch can track your workouts, from cycling to rowing to the elliptical at your local gym. Usually, you’ll have your Apple Watch with you, as the GPS and other tracking features need a paired iPhone to work at their…Read more ›

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Perfect Shot Eliminates Grumpy Blinkers From Your Photos

It’s a bittersweet irony that while The Lady looks as stunning in photographs as she does in real life, in fully 80% of those photographs she has her eyes closed, or half closed. That’s right – she’s a blinker.
Usually I get around this by snapping way more photos that I actually need, but inevitably […]

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