Best news and RSS apps for iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad are both great ways to consume news and RSS on the go, or while simply lounging around the house. No matter what service you use — Feedly, Feed Wrangler or something else — there are tons of RSS and news apps that support them. If you don’t need a news aggregator […]

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Best news and RSS apps for iPhone and iPad

Reveal Hidden “Smart Mailboxes” In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Just like we said yesterday, remember that any of the iOS 7 beta features and tips we share with you could change before the latest mobile operating system from Apple hits the streets this coming fall.

Also? Be sure that you’re not using a beta iOS 7 on an iPhone you need to get work done on–Apple has provided it without guarantee for developers to start working with, not for you to use on any mission critical tasks.

That said, let’s take a look at a new feature in iOS 7: Smart Mailboxes. In OS X, you can create a mailbox with a bunch of filtering rules to help you gather together just email you’re interested in into one place.

iOS 7 beta doesn’t let you create your own smart mailbox, though. Rather, it has four or five new “mailboxes” that filter your incoming email into new categories, like Flagged email, email with attachments, or others. Here’s where to find, and ultimately enable, these new mailboxes in iOS 7 beta.

Tap into the new iOS 7 Mail app, and you’ll see a familiar list of All Inboxes, Inboxes for each email account you add to your iPhone, and a VIP mailbox, the “smart” mailbox that was introduced in iOS 6.

To find the newly added smart mailboxes, simply tap on the Edit button (more of a word) in the upper right corner. The mailboxes section will expand, letting you tap the Flagged, Unread, To or CC, Attachments, All Drafts, All Sent, and All Trash smart mailboxes.

Tap each of the ones you want to enable, and then hit the Done button in the upper right corner. Now, when you look at your Mailbox view, you’ll see these new ones ready for you to use. Tap on any of them, and you’ll see just the email that fits that smart mailbox.

Just see Unread email? Sign me up.

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Reveal Hidden “Smart Mailboxes” In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Star And Mark Mail Unread Using Mailbox for iPhone [iOS Tips]

Mailbox for iPhone lets you send each email to a list, set it to snooze for a certain number of hours or days, or even just archive the email if you want.

In addition, you can mark emails as read or unread, and star them, just like in Gmail itself. THis gives you yet another way to sort and classify emails on the go, which also transfers easily to the web version of Gmail, as well.

WHile in Mailbox, tap on an email or an email conversation. When it’s a single email, hit the little disclosure arrow to the right of the date, and tap on the blue bubble there. This will mark the email Unread. Tap it again to mark it Read.

If you have several emails threaded into a conversation, you’ll be able to just tap the date to the upper right of the specific conversation email, and it will turn blue. This marks that specific email as Unread as well. You can mark it Read with a second tap here, also.

To star an email, you’ll need to be in single email view. If you’re in conversation view, tap the email subject once to open it as a single message. Then you can Star the email with a tap on the little white star to the right of the subject line, turning it yellow. I use stars to easily find important email that I Archive.

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Star And Mark Mail Unread Using Mailbox for iPhone [iOS Tips]