Scrap that bulky tripod for easy-to-use Pakpod

Two things about me as a photographer: I hate tripods and I will never tell another photographer what they must carry with them. Both changed when the Pakpod arrived in the mail. Weighing 15 ounces, the PakPod has legs that can quickly extend and lock in crazy asymmetrical positions with the turn of a single […]

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Lollipod iPhone Camera Stand Is So Light And Useful You’ll Want To Take It Everywhere [Review]

; Lollipod by Lollipod Category: Tripods Works With:iPhone, cameras Price: $50 The Lollipod is a lightweight lighting stand masquerading as a camera and iPhone tripod. And this is – in almost every way – a good thing. A light stand…Read more ›

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Joby’s iPhone-Friendly MPod Is As Cute As It Is Clever

Ever tried to snap a self portrait with your iPhone? And I mean a proper self-timer self portrait, not an arm-out-the-side-of-the-frame selfie. It’s almost impossible. First, you have to deal with the lack of a self timer on the iPhone. And second, you have to find somewhere to balance it. What you need is Joby’s […]

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