Apple Planning to Build Second Data Center in Reno

Apple is planning to further expand at its Reno, Nevada data center site, reports the Reno Gazette-Journal, citing a recent permit Apple filed with Washoe County. Apple has requested permission to build a new data center adjacent to its exiting data center.

Over the past several years, Apple has expanded at the site of its original data center several times to add on new buildings, but its most recent permit suggests it is seeking to build a second data center nearby under the codename „Project Huckleberry.“

Image via the Reno Gazette-Journal

Project Huckleberry’s plans call for several new data center clusters and a support building, similar to the current „Project Mills“ data center on the site.

„It’s a whole different set of buildings but it looks like it is going to be essentially the same design as Project Mills, only turned perpendicularly to the east,“ said Trevor Lloyd, senior planner for Washoe County Planning and Development’s Community Services.

Apple’s existing data center on its Reno campus is operational, but still under development. When finished, it is expected to encompass 14 buildings and 412,000 square feet. Apple’s second data center will be similar in size, with the site also eventually including an accompanying solar farm.

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