This FitBit Hack Will Power Off Your TV If You Don’t Get Off The Couch And Exercise

You probably made a lot of New Years resolutions to get off your butt and workout. You probably said you were gonna workout five times a day. Maybe more. Maybe you said you’re going to do one of those cool juice diet cleanse with a side of anorexia.

For those of us who made all these exercise goals, but are still binging on cheeseburgers, there’s an amazing – if not extreme – FitBit hack that can help. With just a FitBit activity tracker and a Belkin WeMo internet controlled power outlet, you can set your daily activity goal, and if you don’t reach it, the system cuts power to everything plugged into your Belkin Wemo to give you some extra motivation to go jogging.

The hack was created by Charalampos over at Building Internet of Things. He got a FitBit tracker recently and used it quite often at first, but eventually got bored of working for virtual badges, so he stopped. Then he decided he needed more drastic motivation, so he connected his refrigerator to a Belkin WeMo and created a hack so that if his FitBit doesn’t attain his daily fitness goal, his fridge will turn off automatically and his food might spoil.

“And this is how I came up with the idea of ‘punishing’ myself when I am not active enough by turning off automatically the switch that powers something important. I don’t watch TV, and I thought first of the DSL router but then there would be no connection to the Wemo to turn it back on. So I thought of connecting the fridge to the Wemo switch.”

If you don’t want to risk spoiling your food, you can use the hack on your TV, Xbox, or your computer. After missing your daily habit a few times I’m sure you’ll make exercise a habit and never have to worry about your fitness levels again.

Think you’re ready to try the FitBit hack? Head over to Building Internet of Things to get the full script and instructions.

Source: Building Internet of Things 

Via: Lifehacker

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This FitBit Hack Will Power Off Your TV If You Don’t Get Off The Couch And Exercise