OK Go Tells Us About Say The Same Thing, The iOS Game They Actually Made Real

Hugs all around, guys!

The band, OK Go, known as much for its fabulously nerdy and complex videos as for its quirky and upbeat pop music, have made an app. Before you go, “meh,” and move on, thinking that this is another one of those record publishing tie-in apps that, really, no one loves but the publicist trying to push it, take a look at the video here.

Get it? These guys made the app. Ok, mostly guitarist Andy Ross, but the other guys certainly had a hand in the app. They definitely appear in the video above. Singer and bassist, Tim Nordwind, had this to say when we asked about the app.

Andy showed me this game about a year ago. And I showed it to five friends, who showed it to five more friends etc…Say The Same Thing connects people in a really fun and unique way that almost makes me feel like I am both psychic and having a super good time all at once.

You heard it here first, folks. Tim feels psychic and super good when he plays his good buddy Andy’s app. Right?

Andy also told us a bit about the app, too, saying,

We knew the game was really fun to play in person so I just decided to start working a simple, barebones app version in my spare time. I sent this to the band and our friends and we were playing it constantly… it was almost more exciting to play as app. So we just decided to make it a real thing and share it with everyone.

Yes, they made it a real thing. So exciting.

Can you picture it? The band, touring endlessly in buses, jets, and on trains. Waiting backstage and in hotel rooms. Just dying to pass the time. And, being the nerdy smart guys they are, they came up with a game they could play. Like an intelligent rock-scissors-paper where everyone wins! That’s Say the Same Thing in a nutshell, and you really should check out the app and support these successful rockstars in conquering yet another media format.

Say The Same Thing is available as a universal app in the iTunes App Store right now, for free. Ok? Go!

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Want Team Fortress On Android & iOS? Blitz Brigade Is The Next Best Thing

Gameloft has today launched Blitz Brigade, a new online multiplayer game, on Android and iOS. It’s a class-based first-person shooter that’s clearly heavily influenced by Valve’s Team Fortress titles, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

If you’re a fan of online FPS games — particularly Team Fortress — then go and download Blitz Brigade right now. I’ve had several rounds on it since I downloaded it this morning, and I’m already in love with it — it’s heaps of fun.

Blitz Brigade is another freemium title, so you can download and play it for free then buy in-app purchases for extra in-game cash — which you can then use to purchase additional weapons and equipment. But don’t let the freemium model put you off, because you can have plenty of fun without spending a penny.

There are five classes to choose from in the game, including solder, gunner, medic, sniper, and stealth — which you’ll use in 12-man multiplayer battles in Domination and Deathmatch game modes. There are more than 100 weapons to choose from, and three different vehicles.

There’s support for voice chat for those who wish to play in teams, and unique taunts and kill phrases that’ll help you rile your opponents.

There are some offline training missions you can play through as well — 120, in fact — which give you a great opportunity to get used to the classes, the weapons, and the vehicles.

Check out the Blitz Brigade launch trailer below:

Blitz Brigade is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play, and I highly recommend you download it and give it a try. I’m addicted already.

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Watch Nearly Every Steve Jobs Video on New Blog Site and YouTube Channel [Mac Blog]

The Apple fan behind the Every Apple TV ad YouTube channel has created a new channel and blog with the self-explanatory title Every Steve Jobs video, offering a total of around 150 clips of varying lengths.

The site’s creator told MacRumors that he wanted to get them online in time for Steve Jobs’ birthday on February 24.

I’m a long time Apple enthusiast and throughout the years have gathered every single Steve Jobs video I could find … To commemorate Steve Jobs birthday (Feb. 24th) I decided to put all these videos online and make them easily available for all. I believe it’s the most complete archive available.

Highlights include Steve’s first TV appearance, where he told the crew he was about to throw up from nervousness; the launch of the Macintosh, including the famous 1984 video and Jobs making fun of IBM; and the launch of the Think Different campaign. It also includes some amusing compilations including Steve Jobs’ Funniest Moments and Every ‘One More Thing’ Moment, all 31 of them.

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