New Photo Shows Rear of iPad 5’s Narrower Front Bezel and Digitizer

Taiwanese blog, which has on a number of occasions discovered photos of parts from upcoming Apple products, has shared a new photo [Google translation] of what is claimed to be the front panel and digitizer assembly for the upcoming fifth-generation iPad.

The photo, which was posted to a Photobucket account, shows the rear of the part and includes the ribbon cable for the digitizer. Photos of the front of a similar part leaked last month, and both parts are consistent with claims that the upcoming iPad will see a redesign taking inspiration from the iPad mini with narrower side bezels.

It is possible that this could simply be an iPad mini part, but it does appear to be a slightly larger version of that part, appropriate for the full-size iPad with its 9.7-inch display.

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Voice Search Coming Soon to Chrome for iOS [iOS Blog]

Google has announced plans to roll out an update to the iOS version of Chrome that will enable voice searching. The feature will function similarly to Siri on the iPhone, requiring a tap on the microphone to bring up the interactive search interface.

Touch the microphone, say your search query aloud and see your results (in some cases spoken back to you), all without typing a single letter. Try these queries with the update (coming soon to the App Store):

– „How many miles from San Antonio to Dallas?“
– „What’s the weather in Rome?“
– „Who stars in The Internship?“

Google currently includes voice search in its Google Search app through Google Now integration and has also begun offering conversational voice search with the release of Chrome 27.

Google notes that the upcoming iOS update will also bring faster reloading of web pages in addition to implementing an option for third party apps to open links in Chrome and then return back to the original app. The update will be available „over the coming days.“

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