GoPro Updates iOS App With Streamlined Design and Apple Watch Integration

GoPro today announced an update to its iOS app that will bring Apple Watch integration to users of the popular outdoor recording hardware. The new Apple Watch features will give users access to a GoPro camera’s controls, letting them preview their shot, toggle between capture modes, begin and end recording, and even add HiLight tags to important moments in a video.

Also introduced in the 2.11 version of the GoPro app is the ability to browse frame-by-frame through a video and capture still images from it. The company has streamlined media browsing in the app as well, with easier-to-discover photos, videos, HiLights and clips, along with some expanded iOS abilities that make „nearly everything“ available on the Apple version of the software that was previously restricted on mobile.

New and Improved:

+ Now compatible with Apple Watch: Preview shots, control your camera, and add HiLight Tags all from your watch.

+ Pull still images from videos: Quickly flip through a video frame-by-frame to find that epic moment and download a high-quality still image.

+ Find your media faster: Locate that awesome shot by filtering your media to display only photos, videos, HiLights, or clips.

+ Nearly everything is viewable on iOS: Enjoy your shot on the spot with a generated preview that allows you to view high frame-rate video on your phone.

The GoPro App is available to download from the App Store for free [Direct Link].

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‘Swype’ Keyboard for iOS Named Apple’s App of the Week, Available for Free [iOS Blog]

Normally priced at $0.99, Swype is one of the new third-party keyboard apps that was released alongside iOS 8, Apple’s newest operating system that enabled systemwide third-party keyboards for the first time.

Swype, from Nuance Communications, is a gesture-based keyboard that allows users to drag their fingers from key to key in order to create words quickly. The keyboard features a built-in predictive text engine that is able to determine what’s being typed, and it offers predictive punctuation to further speed up typing. As Apple’s App of the Week, the keyboard will be available at no cost for the next seven days.

Swype is the most accurate keyboard on the planet. Whether you type or Swype we enable you to input words faster and easier. It learns the way you type so the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Product Features:
– Incredibly intuitive language models that accurately predict what you type or Swype
– Five beautiful themes – FREE on iPhone.
– Quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with Swype gestures
– Swype learns how you type. You can tell it to add or remove words from your personal dictionary
– You can Swype on your iPad as well as your iPhone

Swype, which has long been available on Android, also offers several different themes for custom looks and it will learn from its users to become more intelligent over time, offering improved text prediction capabilities.

In the App Store since September 17, Swype has proven to be one of the most popular third-party keyboards, garnering thousands of downloads. Swype is one of the few keyboards that does not require full access to an iPhone or iPad to function, but that also means it’s a slight bit more limited than other offerings, not offering cloud backups and syncing at this time.

Ahead of going free, the app was updated on November 4 to add 21 additional languages, intelligent emoji support, an improved iPad layout, customizable keyboard layouts, and more.

Swype can be downloaded from the App Store for free for the next week. [Direct Link]

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iTunes 11.2 Released With Podcast Improvements, Bug Fixes [Mac Blog]

Apple today released iTunes 11.2 with several improvements to Podcast browsing, giving users a way to find new episodes with an „Unplayed“ tab and the ability to save favorite episodes to a computer. Episodes can also now be deleted after they’re played, and episodes that are available to download or stream can be found in the „Feed“ tab.

There’s a fix for an issue that caused iTunes to become unresponsive when updating Genius, and the update also includes improvements for overall performance and stability. Apple also recommends users download Podcasts for iOS 2.1 or later to sync podcast episodes, an update that was just released on the App Store.

This update includes the following improvements:

Improved Podcast Browsing
-Quickly find episodes you haven’t listened to in the new Unplayed tab
-Browse episodes that are available to download or stream in the Feed tab
-Save your favorite episodes to keep them on your computer
-Episodes can now be automatically deleted after you play them

This update also resolves an issue where iTunes may become unresponsive when updating Genius and improves overall performance and stability. Podcasts for iOS 2.1 or later is recommended when syncing podcast episodes.

For information on the security content of this update, please visit:

iTunes 11.2 can be downloaded from the software update tool in the Mac App Store.

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iPhone 5s Set To Sell Out Very Quickly Amid Supply Constraints

If you want to get your hands on an iPhone 5s anytime soon, prepare to work for it. Apple is suffering “severely constrained” supply for the 5s launch, and it’s likely that most models will sell out quickly in stores this weekend. “We don’t know the cause of the iPhone 5s shortages, but have been told […]

The post iPhone 5s Set To Sell Out Very Quickly Amid Supply Constraints appeared first on Cult of Mac.

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Quickly Navigate Mission Control Spaces With These Keyboard Tips [OS X Tips]

If you haven’t been using OS X’s Mission Control lately, you’re missing out. It’s a great way to separate out your apps, full screen and not, to be just that much more productive on your Mac.

Trouble is, it seems like a fairly mouse-centric system, with users encouraged to click on the different desktops across the top or the apps in the main window area to bring them up.

Luckily, there are a couple of keyboard shortcuts to help you move between Desktop spaces, at least, and one to help you add or delete them, as well.

Once you activate Mission Control (the default is the F3 key), you can then use the Control-Arrow keys, Left and Right, to navigate between Desktop spaces.

If that’s not enough fine-grained control, you can also use the Control-1, Control-2, -3, -4, etc. keys to navigate directly to the Desktop space, in any order.

There’s a default of four Desktops in Mission Control. If you want to delete one, hit the Option key to see the iOS-style X button in the upper left of the Desktop at the top. If you want to add one, click on the big Plus button to the far right once you hit the Option key.

You’ll still need to click on the app you want to open, here, so there’s some room for improvement. This is a good start, though!

The post Quickly Navigate Mission Control Spaces With These Keyboard Tips [OS X Tips] appeared first on Cult of Mac.

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Google Maps for iOS Receives First Update Since Launch with Google Contacts Integration, Local Business Search

Google today updated its Google Maps for iOS to version 1.1, marking the first update since the company launched its standalone app in mid-December after Apple replaced Google with its own default mapping app in iOS 6.

The new update brings a few enhancements to Google Maps, including integration with Google Contacts addresses and easier searching of local businesses by category.

What’s New in Version 1.1

– Search your Google Contacts; sign in to have your saved addresses show up when you search for friends and family by name.
– Quickly search for local places by selecting popular categories such as restaurants, bars, cafes, gas stations, etc.
– Choose between Kilometers or Miles for your preferred distance units.
– Note that some features may not be available in all countries.

Google Maps is a free download from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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