New December iOS games to jingle your bells

We’re finishing up 2015, and now that you’re all good and tired of your families, we’ve checked out some great December iOS games to help you decompress in solitude. This month’s offerings should cover all of your needs, whether you like to relax with a simple match-three title or need something more strategic. We have […]

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Apple Watch Games Provide Gameplay Bursts With Incentive to Revisit Often [iOS Blog]

Although the main purpose of the Apple Watch is the wearable’s at-a-glance look at bite-sized content on the wrist, many game developers showed up out of the launch gate with new game experiences for the device. Some games appear to still be stuck in the mind-set of play sessions that are slightly too lengthy for a wrist-worn gadget, but a few clever dev teams have built fun, short-burst apps that are perfect for killing time in long lines, before a movie, or even at home.

Many of the games are free extensions of iOS games, but a few range in price from $1.99 to $3.99 on the App Store. Our sister site, TouchArcade, gave its initial thoughts on most of the games listed below in a roundup of Apple Watch games and companion apps.

Starting off with the free games, Nimblebit’s word game Letterpad tasks players with deciphering the spelling of a word using only a short hint and the number of letters within the hidden word. Solving the word progresses players to the next puzzle, the game slowly amping up difficulty along the way. The game uses Force Touch to let users spend hints, shuffle letters and clear spelling attempts. Letterpad is free on the App Store.

Watch Quest! Heroes of Time is designed specifically for Apple Watch and lets players view and interact with a hero on an epic quest. The catch is that the hero is on auto-pilot, fighting enemies and delving into dungeons on their own, but requires help from the player to ensure success.

So, for example, if a user fails to check in after a specific notification (open a treasure chest, battle a particularly tough foe), the in-game hero will fail to succeed at the mission. Watch Quest! Heroes of Time is free on the App Store, with the added caveat that it’s essentially a tutorial mission and the full game can be unlocked at $0.99.

Another interesting RPG-like game is Runeblade, which tasks players with dispatching a rotary of enemies every time they re-visit the app. Upon victory, players win gold that can be used to upgrade damage and attack speed, and then points them onto a new quest and enemies to defeat all leading to bigger boss battles.

Players can look forward to unlockable spells, harder enemies, and „a wealth of items to unlock“ as they progress, according to TouchArcade. Runeblade is free on the App Store.

One of the more notable paid apps is called Spy_Watch, which provides a bit of a meta game in letting its players role-play as the offspring of the former head of a famous Spy Organization. While playing, they are faced with the immense task of rebuilding the shuttered group from the ground up while simultaneously digging through clues regarding the player’s mysteriously killed father.

What all this essentially boils down to is the player’s input on the main menu in deciding on which missions to take to advance the story, earn more cash, or training to advance the player’s skill set. After initiating a mission, a timer counts down in real-time, eventually alerting players to return to the game to continue their mission of espionage and discovery on the game’s world map. Bossa Studios’ Spy_Watch is $1.99 on the App Store.

As TouchArcade points out, many of the first wave launch games on the Apple Watch appear to be designed for quick bursts of gameplay with some form of motivation to keep checking back into the experience. While some games still fall flat on either (or both) of those fronts, and are subsequently not worth much of a mention, we will keep updating this roundup of new and notable games for the Apple Watch as they become available.

More notable games for Apple Watch:

Rules! ($2.99, currently available as a free download within Apple Store app)
Trivia Crack ($2.99, ad free)
Letter Zap (Free)
BoxPop (Free)

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NimbleBit’s Latest Freemium Game ‘Nimble Quest’ Launches on iOS [iOS Blog]

NimbleBit, the developer behind popular games like Pocket Frogs, Tiny Tower, and Pocket Planes, tonight launched its newest freemium app, the highly anticipated Nimble Quest.

In Nimble Quest, players control an ever-increasing line of adventurers, battling against enemies with both ranged and melee attacks. Our sister site, TouchArcade, describes the game as a cross between Snake and a traditional RPG.

In brief, NimbleQuest is Snake, except on steroids. In the game, you control a conga line of fantasy adventurers, and, with a combination of ranged and melee attacks, you battle it out across a variety of settings against archers, skeletons, bats, and a whole lot more. Imagine if your old-school, traditional Snake snake could somehow attack incoming enemy snakes and you’ve got the picture.

The game melds skill-based touch gameplay with roleplaying elements including skill increases, power ups, and party building, requiring players to navigate their growing line of party members through an endless number of stages.

Though Nimble Quest is designed to be a single player game, it incorporates a guild system that functions similarly to the „Flight Crew“ in Pocket Planes, offering up time-limited quests and global leaderboards.

Nimble Quest is a free app for the iPad and the iPhone that is available for download in the App Store. [Direct Link]

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