President Obama Shoots Video Using iPad To Show Importance Of Digital Learning

President Obama used an iPad for an impromptu interview during a recent appearance at a Maryland middle school. The President — who has previously claimed that he spends hours using the iPad each day — seemed perfectly at home as…Read more ›

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Rap Genius Launches ‘Genius’ iOS App for Song Lyric Discovery [iOS Blog]

Rap Genius, the site that recently had a run-in with Google for its dubious SEO strategies, today launched an official Genius iOS app that allows users to access the site’s archive of song lyrics.

The app includes access to annotated lyrics for millions of songs, and it also includes lyrical breakdowns and explanations that delve into the meaning behind phrases and words in music. Annotations found within the Genius app are designed to explain cryptic lines, reveal references and inside jokes, define unusual terms, and give context.

Have you ever been confused by a song’s lyrics? Or wondered what your favorite artist meant by a line? Now you’ll never have to worry about this (or anything) ever again! Genius breaks down lyrics with line-by-line annotations, many contributed by the artists themselves.

Genius also functions similarly to Shazam or Soundhound, identifying songs that are playing nearby. According to the app’s description, it uses „Genius Recognition Technology“ to listen to songs and provide lyrics for whatever’s playing.

Genius isn’t just a music app; it’s your pocket guide to human culture. So whether you’re looking for the true meaning of a line from The Great Gatsby, a breakdown of President Obama’s latest speech, or a guide to Matthew 25, we’ve got you.

Genius by Rap Genius can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Says NSA Spying Is ‘Outrageous’ If True

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has hit out at the National Security Agency (NSA) over claims that it has spied on Google’s data centers to gain information about its users. Schmidt told The Wall Street Journal that the allegations are “outrageous”…Read more ›

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