Get set to jet set with these travel tips and tools [Deals]

Despite the amazing age of technology we live in, traveling isn’t any less of a hassle than it used to be. Luckily we’ve found some great options for taking the edge off next time you’re in line at a security checkpoint, trying to catch a snooze on a cramped train, or worried about your phone […]

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‘MOS Pack’ Backpack Features a Built-In Power Strip for Hassle-Free Charging of All Your Devices

The MOS Pack, available now on Kickstarter, is a backpack that includes a built-in power strip and cable management system that allows all of the devices inside to be charged by a single power cord without taking anything out of the backpack.

Ideal for travel, the MOS Pack can hold charging cables for a MacBook, an iPad, and an iPhone all at once, with each one plugging into an included MOS Reach power strip. The MOS Reach includes two USB charging ports for iOS devices (or other USB-powered electronics) and a standard port that can accommodate a MacBook’s Power Adapter.

Cords are cleverly routed through cable management sleeves to keep them organized and out of sight, and the small power strip is concealed at the bottom of the backpack and kept in place with magnets. The MOS Pack includes a padded laptop sleeve, a tablet sleeve, an iPhone pocket, a waterproof water bottle pocket, a passport pocket, a hard glasses case, and slots for pens and pencils.

The MOS team has produced and shipped several other products via Kickstarter, including the original MOS Magnetic Organization System, the MOS Spring, and the MOS Reach, establishing itself as a reliable manufacturer.

The MOS Pack can be pre-ordered via Kickstarter for an early bird pledge of $120. When the early bird units have sold out, the price will be $140. MOS plans to begin shipping backpacks in March of 2016.

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Image of Redesigned Apple USB Power Adapter Surfaces [Updated]

A new image said to be of a redesigned Apple USB power adapter has been shared by a user on Weibo (Google Translate, via Gizmobic), hinting that Apple’s supposed new Lightning cable may be released alongside a new charger. The power adapter appears to be more rounded compared to Apple’s current offering, and also includes grooves on each side to improve comfort while holding and inserting the accessory.

While it is possible that the product in the image could be of a fake, the charger does have the signature „Designed by Apple in California“ text along with other applicable information and logos. The user also shows another image of the new Lightning cable with its reversible USB connector, which has been spotted in a number of other photos and even a video throughout the past few weeks.

If both new products turn out to be real, it is possible that Apple could ship a new Lightning cable and new USB power adapter alongside this fall’s expected lineup of new iOS devices, possibly starting with the iPhone 6 next month.

Update: As pointed out by a user in our forums, the USB adapter shown in the images carries the same design as Apple’s current 5W USB Power Adapter sold in Australia. However, the prongs on the new adapter in the photo appear to be different, perhaps indicating that the design could be soon applied to Apple’s other power adapters in different countries.

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TwelveSouth Releases BookBook Travel Journal to Carry An iPad and Lots of Stuff [iOS Blog]

Adding to its growing BookBook line of products, TwelveSouth today announced its new Travel Journal, a unified iPad and accessory carrying case.

The Travel Journal is designed to carry an iPad, power adapter, cables, head phones, and more, using a collection of pockets and adjustable bands to organize and protect items, all inside a large BookBook-style case.

BookBook Travel Journal looks like a vintage book, but it’s really a dapper, hardback leather case designed to hold your iPad and the essential accessories that go with it. Inside you’ll find a collection of pockets and adjustable bands that neatly organize and protect items like your power adapter, cables, USB drives, stylus, mouse, earbuds or high-end headphones. Say bye-bye to your backpack. Everything you need for the road fits inside BookBook Travel Journal.

The Travel Journal uses two hardback book covers and a rigid spine to protect the contents, with the vintage book look to discourage theft. BookBook Travel Journal is compatible with all models of iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad and is available from TwelveSouth’s website for $99.99.

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Apple Charger Trade-In Program Also Available In The U.K., Canada, Australia

Apple announced a new charge trade-in program earlier this month, which gives those with third-party iPhone, iPad, and iPod adapters the chance to take them in and swap them for official ones at a special price. At first, it seemed the program was only available to customers in the U.S. and China, but that’s not […]

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MagCozy Leashes MagSafe 2 Converter to Power Adapter Cord [Mac Blog]

The MagCozy, like the KeyBit, is an innovative solution that is designed to help Mac owners keep track of their MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converters.

Apple’s MagSafe 2, which was introduced with the 2012 MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro, is incompatible with original MagSafe Power Adapter, necessitating the use of a small converter to charge MagSafe 2 devices with MagSafe adapters.

Currently featured on Kickstarter, the MagCozy leashes the converter to the cord of a power adapter, preventing the accessory from being lost or misplaced.

The MagCozy was inspired by a rubber band that attached the converter to the adapter, and the idea evolved into a simple but sleek sleeve that encompasses the converter and attaches to the adapter via a small loop. While the KeyBit was ideal for keeping a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter on hand while traveling, the MagCozy is ideal for home use.

Kickstarter backers can get a MagCozy in white, red, black, or blue for a pledge of $8. The designer, Ben Martinek, is also offering a limited edition MagCozy in an undetermined color and t-shirts for an additional fee.

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