Key Smart brings Swiss Army order to keys in pocket

At our current place on the evolutionary chart, we are a species that carries more things in the pockets of tighter pants. Michael Tunney understood this every time he went to a bar and saw patrons pull out their cell…Read more ›

Facebook, Instagram, AIM, Tinder and Hipchat go down, Lizard Squad claims responsibility

Lizard Squad continues taking down websites, this time it included a whole lot of various communication and social media services including Facebook, Instagram, AIM, Tinder, Hipchat and MySpace. Read more…

Serious Eats Hits The iOS Newsstand

Y’all know Serious Eats, right? It’s the one place on the internet where you can go to be entertained, educated and properly fed. I’m a fan of cooking, but I generally avoid recipes on the web because it’s hard to gauge their quality until it’s too late. Serious Eats is solid every single time. And […]

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