Dropbox to close ‘Mailbox’ and ‘Carousel’ in early 2016

Failing to gain traction after their initial launches, Dropbox’s Mailbox and Carousel services will be discontinued in 2016. Dropbox will instead focus on its core storage service. Read more…

Wacom’s Bamboo Fineline stylus delivers precision on the cheap

Lust List: Bamboo Fineline 1 stylus by Wacom Wacom is to graphics tablets what Kleenex is to facial tissues, so it’s no surprise that the company knows its way around a stylus. And the original version of the Bamboo Fineline is a great entry point for those looking to start drawing, sketching, and taking notes […]

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5 iPad Pro apps creative types should download now

Apple’s massive iPad Pro tablet is finally getting into the hands of the waiting public, and now all that remains is the small matter of how to make the most of its 13-inch screen. The company has been pushing its new hardware to creators and enterprise. And while we’re guessing that most artists and professional […]

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OneNote will now support FiftyThree’s Pencil & Paper on the iPad, shape recognition coming soon

OneNote on the iPad will now have more options for powerful inking, thanks to a new partnership made with FiftyThree, a startup that creates a stylus that’s useful in a variety of scenarios. Read more…

Downwell, Paper, and other awesome apps of the week

How do weekends go by so quickly? It’s already halfway through the end-of-week break but — don’t worry — we’ve got the app hookup you need, whether you’re planning on a lazy game-playing Sunday, or a day of out-and-about photo-snapping action. What have we picked as the best apps of the past seven days? Read […]

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Dropbox Paper wants to shred Slack and Google Docs

Dropbox has just entered the competitive space of online collaboration software, and it hopes to overcome its late start with a simple, intuitive tool called Paper. Currently in private beta, Dropbox’s Paper is part Google Docs and part Slack, which just goes to show you how late the company is — describing a new product […]

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Facebook’s breaking news app sounds a lot like Twitter

Facebook is working on a breaking news app that would deliver news outside of the main Facebook app, according to a report. The app would ask users to pick out publications and topics that interest them, then it would broadcast bite-sized news alerts when new articles get published. Publications that get on board would be able to send […]

Pinterest hires former Apple engineer to improve mobile experience

Pinterest is looking for fresh blood to inject some more life into it’s mobile experience this year, so the company announced that it has nabbed Scott Goodson, a former Apple and Facebook engineer, to come in and improve the app’s…Read more ›

Facebook takes on Vine and Snapchat with new Riff app

What if you combined the viral nature of Vine with the mini-story capability of Snapchat? That’s what Facebook is trying to do with Riff, a new app that’s available for download today. Created by Facebook’s Creative Labs (the same group…Read more ›