‘OpenEmu’ for OS X Now Supports Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1 and More

OpenEmu, an open source retro and arcade game emulator for OS X, has been updated to version 2.0.1 with support for 16 additional gaming systems, including Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation 1 and PSP, ColecoVision, Intellivision and others listed below.

OpenEmu 2.0.1 also features a redesigned user interface, real-time gameplay rewinding, save states and screenshots organizers, automap support for SteelSeries Nimbus and Stratus XL controllers, performance improvements, bug fixes and other changes.

New Gaming Systems Supported

– Atari 5200

– Atari 7800

– Atari Lynx

– ColecoVision

– Famicom Disk System

– Intellivision

– Nintendo 64

– Odyssey²/Videopac+


– SG-1000

– Sega CD

– Sony PSP

– Sony PlayStation 1

– TurboGrafx-CD/PCE-CD

– Vectrex

– WonderSwan

OpenEmu was designed specifically for OS X with an iTunes-like design that lists ROMs in a unified card-style menu organized by gaming system. The emulator offers full save state support, allowing multiple ROMs to be played at once, and it also provides OpenGL scaling, multithreaded playback, a homebrew collection of over 80 games, gamepad support and more.

OpenEmu 2.0 for OS X El Capitan features a redesigned user interface

OpenEmu 1.0 launched in December 2013 with support for several 16-bit systems, including the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, NeoGeo Pocket, NES, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. The emulator also supports multiple controllers, including Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox controllers and virtually any generic HID compliant USB or Bluetooth gamepad.

OpenEmu 2.0.1 is a free download and requires a Mac running OS X 10.11 or later.

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