Apple Now Selling Devialet’s $2,000 Phantom Speaker in Select Stores

French audio company Devialet has reached a partnership with Apple that will see its high-end Phantom speaker sold at the top fourteen Apple Stores in the U.S. starting today, reports TechCrunch.

The 750-watt Phantom will sell for $1,990, while the 3000-watt Phantom Silver will cost $2,390, the same prices as purchasing either speaker directly from Devialet.

The Phantom and Phantom Silver, along with the $149 remote and the $329 Dialog bridge for connecting multiple phantoms, will initially be available at five NYC Apple Stores, two in Los Angeles, and one each in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Portland, Chicago, Dallas, Miami and Washington, D.C. They’ll cost the same as buying straight from Devialet.

Devialet’s Phantom is a high fidelity wireless speaker that emits „implosive sound“ based on patented technologies called Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH), Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) and Active Cospherical Engine Loudspeaker (ACE).

The single speaker system, capable of producing „20X the power of speakers the same size,“ has received positive reviews from Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Wired and dozens of other media publications since launching in 2014.

By expanding and contracting its walls, it produces 1.2 tons of pressure to produce 20X the power of speakers the same size. The device required 10 years of development and $25 million in R&D. Devialet has scored over 77 patents and 37 awards for sound and design since it released its first amplifiers in 2010.

Devialet product manager Romain Salzman told TechCrunch that the company’s „dream was to find an important partnership to deploy Phantom quickly all around the world.“

Luckily, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff was a big fan and hooked them up with a meeting with Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and online stores. During their meeting at 1 Infinite Loop, Salzman tells me Ahrendts exclaimed „I love it, I want it, and we’re going to bring you all over the world.“

Phantom display models will be paired with iPhones at select Apple Stores in the U.S., accompanied by a special Devialet app for testing high fidelity music.

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Microsoft’s Holiday Ad Spreads Message of Peace Outside Apple’s 5th Avenue Store

In the spirit of the holiday season, Microsoft today released a new ad that focuses on calling for peace between the company and its public rival, Apple. The 60-second advertisement sees Microsoft employees making their way from the company’s new Fifth Avenue store in New York City over to Apple’s flagship store to share a festive carol with the Apple employees and others.

The ad’s event took place on November 16, with Microsoft employees from around the country joining together in New York City – along with a local NYC children’s youth choir – to sing „Let There Be Peace On Earth“ to a group of Apple workers. Microsoft had to get permission from Apple to film outside the storefront, according to AdAge, due to New York City’s strict security rules. Beginning December 3, the ad will run on television, along with the debut of a longer two minute version online.

Most of Microsoft’s messaging over the past few years has been in spots that directly compared the company’s products with its rivals’, with a focus on Apple, and listing reasons why customers would prefer the Microsoft option. Last year the company compared the Surface Pro 3 with the MacBook Air to the tune of a Christmas jingle for its main holiday commercial, so this year’s peace-centered message is definitely a departure.

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Tim Cook talks sustainability at today’s Climate Week NYC event

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