Microsoft’s new Lumia 550 with Windows 10 Mobile gets UK price cut, a week after launch

Microsoft’s low-cost Windows 10 Mobile handset, the Lumia 550, went on sale in the UK last week, priced from £79.99 off-contract – but leading retailer Carphone Warehouse has now cut its price by £10. Read more…

‘AlwaysOnline Wireless’ Debuts New Short-Term Cellular Data Plans for Apple SIM

Otono Networks today announced the launch of AlwaysOnline Wireless, a global LTE roaming network exclusively for iPads with Apple SIM. The roaming network will be available in 45 countries, but will expand to additional countries in the future.

AlwaysOnline will offer LTE data plans starting from $0.99 an hour for 15 MB, and users can pay by hour, data or megabyte. Otono CEO Emir Aboulhosn says that the company wants to offer short-term data plans for times customers „really need connectivity on-the-go“ like if they need to „catch up on email in the car“ or „get directions to their next meeting.“

AlwaysOnline’s roaming network is available in countries like Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia and more. However, the network’s plans aren’t available to the residents of the majority of the countries listed. The full list can be seen on AlwaysOnline’s website.

Last year, Apple introduced the Apple SIM with cellular models of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 sold in the United States and United Kingdom. The Apple SIM allows users to easily move between networks, taking advantage of short-term data deals when needed. More recently, the cellular models of the iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro have included Apple SIM support. The Apple SIM can now be purchased in 13 countries.

Earlier this year, Apple agreed to a deal with mobile connectivity company GigSky to bring Apple SIM cellular data plans to over 90 countries. While GigSky offers short-term data deals in more countries than AlwaysOnline, the latter offers even shorter-term data deals, enabling users to purchase hour and day-long plans.

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Microsoft can now push updates to Windows 10 Mobile without carriers

Microsoft is now able to update smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile without requiring testing and approval of mobile carriers, thanks to the decoupling of the radio stack in the OS. Read more…

ESPN Brings WatchESPN Live Video Coverage Into Main iOS App

ESPN today announced an update to its iOS app that will let users stream live sporting events from the separate WatchESPN service directly within the core app, a feature that would previously redirect users to a separate download of WatchESPN. Specifically concerning videos, the ESPN app before today’s update only allowed for short clips and game highlights.

“Offering the convenience of live streaming within one app reinforces the value of the multichannel subscription,” said Sean Breen, Senior Vice President of Affiliate Sales, Disney & ESPN Media Networks. “Even with WatchESPN’s recent record-breaking viewership, we continue to be aggressive in driving awareness to a large scale audience and to incentivize video subscribers to authenticate.”

ESPN representatives promised that logging into the new app will be the same process as before, and users can expect to see a simple „WatchESPN“ tab at the bottom right of the screen. On the iPad, the app will also support multitasking with a picture-in-picture mode that keeps playback rolling even as users leave the app’s homepage.

The company noted that it will be keeping WatchESPN up on the App Store as a solo, „full experience,“ for those who specifically want live streaming capabilities and none of the various other game-tracking features of the base app. To use WatchESPN in any capacity, users have to check for support from their cable provider and then link the two accounts within the app.

ESPN mentioned that the move to consolidate its two popular mobile apps comes after „record-breaking audience viewership“ for its WatchESPN software across all platforms of its availability. September was its most-viewed month ever – excluding months the World Cup took place – with 11 million total viewers on the app that watched 2.2 billion minutes in total of ESPN content.

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Docomo and Nokia successfully conduct 5G trials in Japan

Japanese mobile services provider, Docomo, has announced that it has attained success in evaluating 5G networks in real world scenarios and achieved speeds in excess of 2 Gbps. Read more…

This app will make sure you don’t lose your most important stuff

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Malware has snuck onto the iOS App Store

A malicious version of the Apple developer toolkit has been floating around in China. This has resulted in dozens of malicious apps making their way on to the App Store, bypassing Apple’s reviewers. Read more…

AT&T increases unlimited data cap to 22GB

AT&T has announced that it is increasing its data cap to 22GB for customers who are still grandfathered into unlimited data plans. This is more than four times the 5GB cap previously offered to LTE subscribers, and more than seven times the 3GB cap offered to 3G subscribers. This move means that if you have […]

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