Verizon creates a working iPhone in ‘Minecraft’

We’ve seen so-called ‘working’ iPhones created in Minecraft before, but they pale in comparison to this one, created by Verizon: it’s a towering, skyscraper-sized smartphone that allows you to make video calls, and even browse the web! Minecraft allows you to create a lot of computer-like things, through use of the game’s programming blocks, called […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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This underwater Minecraft mod is like Jacques Cousteau’s Lego fever dream

Minecraft is no stranger to beautiful user-made worlds, but this recreation of the deep sea feels special, even by Minecraft standards. It actually feels like you’re in a submarine, sinking deep beaneath the waves into an underewater world. Deep Sea (appropriate title, right?) is an underwater Minecraft world built over the course of six days […]

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