YouTube Music rocks out on Android and iOS

YouTube Music has arrived on Android and iOS, and it promises to make it easier than ever to discover new music on YouTube. Simply hit play and enjoy an endless journey through the platform’s entire music catalog, or check out YouTube’s recommendations based on your listening habits. YouTube Music doesn’t replace Google Play Music or the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple to offer domestic Xcode downloads in China, after recent App Store malware outbreak

Developers in China say slow connection speeds to Apple’s overseas servers forced them to download its Xcode dev tools from unofficial (and malware-infected) sources – but Apple is now making changes. Read more…

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Griffin Unveils ‘Survivor Play’ Case for Apple TV Siri Remote

Griffin today debuted its first accessory for the Apple TV, introducing a new case designed for the Siri Remote. The Survivor Play for Siri Remote aims to add protection to keep it safe from scratches and dings when dropped and it adds a non-slip grip to make it easier to hold when playing motion-based games that require a lot of movement.

The Survivor Play, which is made of a soft, textured silicone, fits around the back of the Siri Remote and is similar to the wide variety Wii Remote skins that make the Nintendo controller easier to hold during gameplay. According to Griffin, the Survivor Play was designed primarily with gameplay in mind, adding extra thick grips to make it more comfortable to hold.

Now that Apple TV has added gaming, your Siri Remote will be working harder than ever. Survivor Play was designed with gaming in mind. Its easy-to grip shape surrounds the remote’s back and edges with impact-absorbing silicone. So just in case things get rowdy while you’re playing Beat Sports, your Siri Remote stays safe.

The case also adds cushioning and protection for the edges and the corners of the Siri Remote, the places most likely to be damaged should the remote be dropped or flung across the room during a heated gameplay session. Because it wraps around the back, the Survivor Play leaves the Siri Remote buttons, touchscreen, microphones, and Lightning port easily accessible.

When it launches later this fall, the Griffin Survivor Play for the Siri Remote will be priced at $19.99.

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Twitter ditches the 140-character limit for direct messages

Twitter has finally delivered on its promise to remove the 140-character limit from direct messages, so you’ll no longer have to send several of them when you’re feeling chatty. The new 10,000-character limit will be available on the web, and in first- and third-party Twitter apps. By removing the character limit for DMs, Twitter is […]

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iFixit can now help you repair more broken gadgets than ever

iFixit has made repairing broken iPhones as simple as setting up Ikea furniture thanks to the site’s easy-to-follow guides and excellent repair tools Apple doesn’t really want you to use. Now the company is about make it easier to fix even more broken gadgets by partnering with Electronic Recyclers International. Finding parts to fix broken […]

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Google will make it easy to purchase the products in your search results

Google is planning to make it easier than ever to shop online by allowing you to purchase the products that appear in your mobile search results. With a new feature dubbed “Purchase on Google,” shoppers will be able to buy…Read more ›

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iTunes U is bringing teachers and students a major upgrade

iTunes U, Apple’s giant repository of educational material from university around the globe, is getting a big upgrade today that will make it easier than ever for teachers to incorporate apps with their course materials. Students and teachers will be…Read more ›

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