Want USB on your iPhone? There’s an adapter for that

Apple’s Lightning to USB connector has ostensibly been about connecting your iPad to a camera to import images directly to your iPad. Now, with iOS 9.2, it looks like the same adapter can be used on your iPhone to get photos onto your smaller-screened device. There’s even some evidence that the Lightning to USB adapter […]

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Apple-approved piano teaches you to play the smart way

Ben Ye knew what could happen as he watched his son chafe and grow bored during private piano lessons. But to keep his son’s interest in music, Ye felt he’d have to do the seemingly impossible: build a new kind of piano and reinvent the way it is taught. Ye did both and what started […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Adobe Unveils Photoshop and Premiere Elements 14 for Mac

Adobe today released new versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, its lower-cost photo and video editing software aimed at consumers. In this year’s update, both Photoshop Elements 14 and Premiere Elements 14 have gained several new features and refinements to existing tools, making it easier than ever to use Adobe’s software for improving photos and videos.

Photoshop Elements 14, Adobe’s image editing software, has gained tools for removing camera shake and for removing haze. Adobe first introduced haze removing tools with its 2015 Creative Cloud update, and has now brought that capability to Photoshop Elements 14. While the haze removal tool is useful for improving the look of outdoor shots, it can also be used to clean up old photos and improve the lighting in backlit shots.

Adobe’s shake removing tool introduces auto shake reduction. It’s able to analyze a photo and fix it to remove blur caused by camera movement, with tools for fine tuning the final look of the image.

In addition to these two new tools, Adobe has also included new capabilities for several existing features. Guided Edits, the built-in tutorial tool in Photoshop Elements has been updated with new options that walk customers through adding motion blur and resizing photos to specific frame sizes. Guided Edits also include new before and after effects to make it clearer what each one does.

There are enhanced auto correct tools that provide five correction options after subject, color, composition, and lighting for each image have been analyzed, and there are much improved tools for selecting fine details in like hair and pet fur in a photo.

Facial recognition capabilities have been improved and faces are now recognized faster and more accurately, and there’s a map that shows where photos with GPS included were taken.

Premiere Elements 14, Adobe’s video editing software, now includes support for importing and editing 4K video from a range of different cameras, which is this year’s biggest addition. As with Photoshop Elements 14, Premiere Elements 14 has gained improved Guided Edits for adding dramatic effects to videos.

Audio enhancement tools have been moved front and center in the app, making them more accessible, and motion titles have also been improved. It’s easier to manage video clips with improved organizational tools and better facial recognition to sort by people, place, and event, and both photos and videos with GPS information embedded will be displayed on a map.

Both Photoshop Elements 14 and Premiere Elements 14 for Mac and Windows can be purchased from Adobe’s website for $99.99 each. Bundles are available for $149.99, and existing users can upgrade for $79.99 for one product for $119 for the bundle.

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Apple Gives Roundhouse Music Venue ‘Environmental Makeover’

As the Apple Music Festival continues at London’s Roundhouse performing arts and concert venue, Apple environmental head Lisa P. Jackson announced that the company has given the historical venue an „environmental makeover„.

We’re making major upgrades to the lighting, plumbing, and HVAC systems; installing recycling and composting bins; arranging to turn used fryer oil into biofuel; buying renewable energy credits to cover the Roundhouse’s September electricity use; and offering reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones.

Apple says they expect the changes to reduce Roundhouse’s annual emissions by 60 tons, save 60,000 gallons of water a year and divert more than 1,600 kilograms of waste from landfills. Apple has continually noted that one of its goals is to „leave the world better than they found it“, which Jackson echoes in her tweet highlighting the renovation. The company has also continually highlighted its own environmental responsibility with annual reports.

The Apple Music Festival continues until September 28, with performances from The Weeknd, One Direction, Pharrell and Florence + The Machine still to come.

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Smart bulb colors your world without breaking the bank

If you found the transition from incandescent to fluorescent painful, you will be relieved to know you are in the midst of a lightbulb moment. This is the year when the price of LED-based smart bulbs, with the color and quality of light controlled by mobile apps, falls far enough to go mainstream. Entering the […]

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Apple’s security obsession is slowing down HomeKit rollout

Apple’s plans for HomeKit to become the de facto platform for the connected home is taking longer than expected to happen because of the company’s obsession with security, according to a recent report. At the moment, only five HomeKit-compatible accessories…Read more ›

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