Samsung Asks NYC Street-Goers to Compare Galaxy Tab S and iPad Air in New Ad

Samsung has debuted a new video on its YouTube channel comparing its new Galaxy Tab S to the iPad Air on the streets of New York City. As first spotted by iGeneration (Google Translate), the video involves a host asking street-goers to use the Galaxy Tab S, highlighting the tablet’s display, weight, and camera.

When matched up side-by-side, some users claim that the Galaxy Tab S is „definitely thinner“, while others express that the tablet’s screen „looks brighter“ when compared to the iPad Air. The host claims that the Galaxy Tab S has „one million more pixels than the iPad Air“, which is presented alongside small text on the bottom noting the 4,096,000 pixels of the Galaxy Tab S compared to the iPad’s 3,145,728 pixels. The video ends with a group of users choosing the Galaxy Tab S over the iPad Air, as Samsung ends the video with the tagline of „Thinner. Brighter. Lighter.“ before showing the tablet from its front.

Samsung launched its first round of Galaxy Tab S ads last month, which mocked the iPad’s screen and lack of multitasking. The Galaxy Tab S was originally announced this past June, with Samsung touting the tablet’s high resolution (2560 x 1600) Super AMOLED display, fingerprint sensor, 11-hour battery life, and multitasking capabilities.

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Faster, Lighter, Better: The New GoPro Hero3+

The new GoPro Hero3+ makes jumping out of an airplane in a squirrel suit just a little bit more tempting. The new camera is smaller, faster and apparently much better. GoPro is probably the only company still selling significant numbers of standalone camcorders, and you’ll find its little ruggedized HD boxes on the bikes, helmets […]

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WSJ: New iPad Will Use iPad Mini’s Touch Technology To Become Thinner And Lighter

The fifth-generation iPad will use the same touch-panel technology as the iPad mini to allow it to become thinner and lighter, according to “people with knowledge of the matter,” who have been speaking to The Wall Street Journal. The device is expected to look just like the iPad mini, with narrow bezels and a significantly thinner […]

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New iPad Will Feature New Touch Technology To Help Make It Thinner & Lighter [Rumor]

Apple’s fifth-generation iPad will feature a new touchscreen technology that will help it become thinner and lighter, according to industry sources. The device is expected to adopt a new form factor much like the iPad mini’s, with thinner bezels and a smaller frame — and Apple will have to make a number of changes to […]

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iPad 5 Will Be 15% Thinner, 25% Lighter And Take Less Time To Charge Than iPad 4 [Report]

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the most reliable analysts out there when it comes to predicting upcoming Apple products. Whomever his sources are in the Far East, they run deep. So when Kyo says that the iPad 5 will be 15% thinner and 25% lighter than the iPad 4, and it will take significantly less time to charge, that’s a prediction worth taking seriously.

In a new report, Kuo Other specs Ming-Chi Kuo expects are an A7X processor, which raises some speculation about the iPad 5’s release timing. Previous reports have suggested that an A7 chip might not be here until 2014, and that Apple’s chip roadmap is actually to replace the dual-core A6X chip this year with a quad-core model.

Even if that report is sketchy, would Apple release an iPad 5 boasting an A7X chip before the iPhone 5S debuts the smaller A7 chip? That’s what would happen if the iPad 5 is debuted at WWDC in June, which is the current (rumored) release timeline.

I suppose there’s no reason why not, even if that’s the opposite of how it usually goes. The A7 and A7X chips are identical except the A7X has more graphic cores to support the retina iPad’s insane 2048×1536 Retina display. I suppose we’ll know soon enough.

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