Staples Now Selling iPad, iPad Mini and iPods in U.S. Online Store [iOS Blog]

Following a report from last week, U.S. office supply chain Staples over the weekend added Apple’s iPad, iPad mini, and iPod lineups to its U.S. online store. The addition comes after the chain began selling Apple accessories in late February.

Staples sales associates also received training for Mac sales earlier this year, although those products have yet to be launched by the retailer.

Expanded availability of its products through Staples offers Apple not only additional visibility and convenience for customers shopping for themselves, but also new options for businesses that may already do significant business with the office supply chain, making it easier to include Apple product purchases under existing billing arrangements they already have with Staples.

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L.A. Unified School District to Give Students 31,000 iPads This Year [iOS Blog]

The Los Angeles Unified School District will give students 31,000 free iPads this year as a part of a program launched by the district, reports CITEWorld. The program is part of an initiative to improve education for students and to ready them for the workforce by enhancing their technological skills and comprehension.

„The most important thing is to try to prepare the kids for the technology they are going to face when they are going to graduate,“ said Hovatter. „This is phase one, a mix of high school, middle school, and elementary students. We’re targeting kids who most likely don’t have their own computers or laptops or iPads. Their only exposure to computers now is going to be in their schools.“

The district also plans to distribute 640,000 iPads total by late 2014, with the first 31,000 iPads going to 49 of the 1,124 K-12 schools in the district. The iPads will come preloaded digital textbooks from educational books publisher Pearson.

The news comes after Apple announced last month that it had been awarded a $30 million deal from the LA Unified School District to bring iPads into its schools.

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