Yep, iOS 9.3 has already been jailbroken

The last version of iOS 9 that was successfully jailbroken was iOS 9.0.2. Now, we’re up to iOS 9.2, and today, Apple announced iOS 9.3 will be coming soon. So when will the jailbreakers catch up? Unknown, but it shouldn’t be too far away, with a prominent jailbreak hacker showing off video of an iOS […]

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3D Touch comes to iPad Pro thanks to clever Apple Pencil hack

The iPad Pro is the most impressive tablet Apple’s ever created, but it’s missing one killer feature: 3D Touch. Developer Hamza Sood has found a clever workout around though that brings Peek and Pop features to the iPad Pro, and it’s all made possible thanks to the pressure sensitive features of the Apple Pencil. Check […]

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You can now download iOS 9 jailbreak for OS X

One day after the Library of Congress amended the law to make jailbreaking completely legal in the United States, Chinese jailbreak team Pangu has released a Mac OS X version of its iOS 9 jailbreak. The free jailbreak installer was previously available only for Windows users. It’s compatible with iOS 9.0, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2, although it won’t work […]

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First jailbreak for iOS 9 released to the wild

The first jailbreak to hit Apple’s new mobile operating system has been released into the wild, disregarding the new security features Apple developed to stop these forms of device hacks. Read more…

Jailbreak tweak brings 3D Touch to older iPhones. Kind of.

3D Touch has been the most widely-praised feature of the iPhone 6s in its advance reviews, so it’s no great surprise that savvy jailbreakers would attempt to replicate the technology in older iPhones. One attempt at this is a new free tweak called ForceTouchActivator, which tries to impersonate 3D Touch by using long presses to expand […]

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A great reason not to jailbreak your iPhone

If you enjoy customizing your iPhone, jailbreaking can be a positive thing — although that doesn’t mean it comes without risks. According to a new report, around 225,000 Apple accounts have been stolen by malware on jailbroken iPhones, in what is claimed to be “one of the largest known thefts of its kind.” In some cases, this […]

Some iPhone jailbreakers are in for a nasty surprise

More than a quarter-million Apple users from 18 different countries had accounts stolen after they made themselves vulnerable by jailbreaking their devices, researchers announced today. The theft represents the largest known theft of Apple accounts caused by malware, according to Palo Alto Networks, adding further caution to Apple users to avoid installing programs not meant […]

Snapchat doubles down on iPhone jailbreakers

Yesterday, we reported that Snapchat was starting to lock out jailbreakers. Today, the popular video messaging service is locking out users who are on an out-of-date version of the app. It’s a move aimed at jailbreakers that’s going to catch…Read more ›

Snapchat is starting to lock jailbreakers out of their accounts

Do you jailbreak? Might want to watch your Snapchatting, then. The video messaging is starting to lock out users who uses Snapchat-related jailbreak tweaks, hacking the core features of the service. The move was first noted by Jeff Benjamin over…Read more ›

The iOS 8.3 jailbreak could be a long time coming

You probably knew this already, but if you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, don’t upgrade to iOS 8.3. Not only does it break existing jailbreaks, but it patches a huge number of security holes in the operating system, making…Read more ›