Video Review: SwitchEasy’s Cases for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Are Thin and Affordable

For our latest video review, we took a look at SwitchEasy’s lineup of cases for the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. SwitchEasy has been making cases for Apple’s line of iPads and iPhones for years and its latest set of cases offer the quality design and affordable pricing the company is known for.

SwitchEasy’s $20 Nude collection is its thinnest and lightest set of cases, measuring in at 0.8mm thick. Though it’s thin, it is made from a rigid polycarbonate material that has a textured exterior for better grip. It’s not going to offer a lot of drop protection, but it’ll protect an iPhone from bumps and scratches.

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The Numbers series is SwitchEasy’s most affordable iPhone case line, priced at just $15. These cases are made from a soft-touch TPU that’s designed to protect the iPhone from drops up to 1.5 meters. The $20 N+ series is quite similar to the Numbers series, as it’s also made from a soft, rubbery TPU but with a glossy back.

SwitchEasy’s $20 Aero series was created to be thin and light while still offering a good amount of protection. It has a rubbery rim to keep the iPhone safe from drops, but it has the same thin back as the Nude collection. We found it to be an excellent compromise between bulk and protection, and it was one of the lightest cases we’ve tested.

The last collection we looked at, the $25 Play, is similar in design to the Aero but it comes with a wrist strap and a built-in kickstand for watching videos. All of SwitchEasy’s cases mentioned in the video come with an included screen protector for full device protection.

All of SwitchEasy’s cases can be purchased from the SwitchEasy website. Pricing ranges from $15 to $25, but can sometimes be even lower on

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T-Mobile offering $200 off 128GB iPhones to entice AT&T customers to switch

T-Mobile has announced that it will sell 128GB iPhones for the price of the 16GB models as part of its „Un-carrier Unwrapped“ holiday offer, aimed at customers who are willing to switch from AT&T. Read more…

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New A9-Based 4-Inch iPhone Expected to Launch Early 2016 With Colorful Metal Casing

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a research note corroborating rumors that Apple will release a new 4-inch iPhone next year, which he believes will resemble an upgraded iPhone 5s and launch in early 2016.

While new model may not generate huge sales, Apple still has good reasons to launch. These are: (1) still-existing demand for 4-inch smartphones. We estimate 15-17mn 4-inch iPhones will be shipped in 2015. We estimate the new 4-inch model will account for 8-9% of total iPhone shipments in 2016F; (2) expected price of US$400-500, with the aim of penetrating emerging markets and consumers on smaller budgets; and (3) adoption of NFC will support Apple Pay, benefiting the ecosystem.

Kuo expects the new 4-inch iPhone to an A9 chip manufactured by both TSMC and Samsung, 2.5D cover glass, NFC for Apple Pay, metal casing with at least two to three color options, and identical camera specs to the iPhone 5s.

Kuo forecasted that full-year shipments of the new 4-inch iPhone will reach 20 million units, with production beginning in the first quarter of 2016. The research note said the new 4-inch iPhone could be priced at between $400 and $500 in the U.S., which would be $149 to $249 cheaper than the 16GB iPhone 6s.

The analyst also reaffirmed that the iPhone 6s may not outsell the iPhone 6, with a possible 30%-40% decline in quarter-over-quarter shipments, based on recently slowed orders within the supply chain. Kuo believes the new 4-inch iPhone could help the slowdown for suppliers.

Recently slowed iPhone 6s orders validates our prediction six months ago that the model may not outsell iPhone 6, potentially resulting in the supply chain returning to a normal cycle starting 1Q16F, and with shipments declining 30-40% QoQ. While the new 4-inch iPhone may not catalyze shipments, it should still help mitigate slow seasonality for suppliers and a negative impact on share performance. This would also in turn raise investor awareness of the Apple supply chain.

Kuo added the iPhone 7 will enter mass production in the second quarter of fiscal 2016.

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United Airlines to Equip 6,000 Customer Service Representatives With the iPhone 6 Plus

United Airlines today announced a plan to equip its customer service representatives in each United States-based hub with Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. The airline said that the plan will allow each rep to assist passengers’ needs faster while giving them access to „additional operational information“ without needing to search for outside help.

„Our employees told us they needed better tools to serve our customers, especially during severe weather and busier travel times,“ said Jon Roitman, United’s senior vice president of airport operations. „We have seen great success with the custom-made tools on the iPhone 6 Plus and believe expanding the use of a smart phone device with other applications is a great investment in our employees.“

Estimated to begin in 2016, United will distribute an iPhone 6 Plus – 2014’s 5.5-inch display iPhone – to more than 6,000 of its representatives across the United States. The new initiative will let the company’s reps print boarding passes and baggage tags before departure, and even help customers find alternative flight options. Future enhancements to the program will bring fully-realized check-in opportunities and enough well-rounded features to give customers „much of the same functionality as traditional airport kiosks.“

Previously in June, United distributed iPhones to its flight attendants in an effort to provide better customer service in-flight to passengers. That initiative was announced a year ago, so today’s customer service representative program will probably see a similar six month gestation period before launching.

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Apple Releases (PRODUCT)RED Leather Cases for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

An official (PRODUCT)RED version of Apple’s leather case for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has been spotted in at least one Apple retail store today, as reported by French tech site iGeneration [Google Translate]. When the new line of iPhones debuted in September, only the silicone case was offered in a (PRODUCT)RED option.

The (PRODUCT)RED leather case for the iPhone 6s hasn’t appeared yet on Apple’s online store, but will most likely soon follow if the company keeps slowly rolling out the case to its retail locations around the country. When it does, it’ll no doubt come in at the same price of the other leather cases sold by Apple, costing $45 for the iPhone 6s version and $49 for the iPhone 6s Plus version.

A portion of sales from Apple’s entire (PRODUCT)RED lineup goes to the Global Fund to help fund AIDS programs in Africa. Most recently, the company introduced (PRODUCT)RED accessories for the Apple Watch, debuting a new collection and band in the bright red color option during its September „Hey Siri“ media event.

Update: The (PRODUCT)RED leather cases for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are now available to purchase on Apple’s online store.

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Soon you’ll be able to use your iPhone while wearing gloves

What with it being winter and all, it would be great if Apple embraced the concept of letting people use iPhones while wearing regular gloves — something already offered by manufacturers such as Samsung. Well, according to a patent application published today, we may not be waiting too much longer because Apple has invented something […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple will embrace OLED displays starting with iPhone 8

Apple will adopt OLED displays for its handsets beginning with the iPhone 8 in 2018, according to a new report coming out of Japan. OLED displays offer better power efficiency, contrast, and more saturated colors. Currently Apple uses liquid crystal display (LCD) technology for its iPhones, although other companies like Samsung and LG have made […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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