Apple to Open Third Netherlands Retail Store This Saturday, August 9 [Mac Blog]

Apple has announced on its website (via ifoAppleStore) that it will open its third store in the Netherlands this Saturday, August 9 at The Hague’s Passage mall. Job listings for the store were posted over a year ago, as the location itself will join Apple’s stores in Haarlem and Amsterdam.

According to One More Thing [Google Translate], the new location in The Hague will also feature the first 360-degree Genius Bar, which will be accompanied by Apple’s trademark glass exterior and retail store aspects.

Apple’s newest retail store in The Hague will open at 10 AM this Saturday, August 9. As with the company’s other retail openings, it is expected that those first in line will receive a free t-shirt commemorating the new store.

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New Glass-Enclosed Stanford Apple Store Nearing Grand Opening [Mac Blog]

A number of new photos have been published of the upcoming glass-enclosed Apple Store at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. ifoAppleStore shared the below image of the store, which faces a pedestrian plaza and sports a new store architecture designed for long but shallow spaces.

According to ifoAppleStore, the new location may open on September 14th, ahead of the expected launch of new iPhone models. The site also shared an image of the front of the nearly-completed store.

The store’s new design is also scheduled for use in new stores in Portland, Oregon and Aix-en-Provence, France.

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Revised Plans for Flagship Apple Store in Brisbane, Australia Surface [Mac Blog]

A revised construction plan for Apple’s flagship retail store in Brisbane, Australia has surfaced nearly two years after the store was originally announced to be built, reports ifoAppleStore (via AppleInsider). Plans for the Australian store were thought to have been abandoned after a bankruptcy filing from a major contractor in 2012 as well as reported problems with the modification of the historic building which the store is to be built in.

The store will be located in the MacArthur Chambers building, a 10-story high-rise that was originally constructed in 1934. Apple plans to make few structural changes to the interior, with the plans showing minor changes to a mezzanine wall, some windows, and a stairway.

According to the revised landscape plan, Apple is planning to remove a number of structures on the sidewalk in front of the store, like a large pedestrian bench, as well as relocate a tree to create symmetry with the store’s front entrance.

The updated filing for the store did not indicate a timeframe for when it would open; however rumors suggest that the location could open in October of this year at the earliest.

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Las Vegas’ Fashion Show Apple Store Getting Major Expansion [Mac Blog]

The Fashion Show Apple Store, one of Apple’s earlier stores opened in 2002, is set to undergo a major expansion that will nearly triple the store’s square footage, reports ifoAppleStore, taking it from 3,900 square feet to over 10,000 square feet.

As ifoAppleStore notes, the store sits in front of the Fashion Show mall’s key feature: a lighted stage where fashion shows are held every weekend. The expanded store, which will also boast a storefront almost four times as big as the current store, will be more ready to accommodate the mall’s 13 million annual visitors at the busiest part of the mall.

Image via ifoAppleStore

In the photo above the size of the expansion is visually apparent, with the red showing the original store and the purple indicating the expansion space. The yellow indicates the temporary store Apple will open until the expansion’s construction is completed in September.

In recent years, Apple has been focusing on building new Apple Stores across the world while also expanding existing stores to increase square footage and accommodate increased foot traffic. In May, Apple revealed that it is seeing an average of 250,000 visitors per store per quarter, up from 170,000 in 2010.

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