This cheap hack puts a glowing Apple logo on your iPhone 6

We love seeing Apple’s glowing logo every time a MacBook lid opens, so wouldn’t it be awesome to have the same feature on your iPhone? Making your iPhone 6 stand out in a sea of other iPhones is now a whole lot easier, thanks to an inexpensive new LED logo kit that brings an illuminated […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Microsoft’s testing new interface, new icons and more polish

Microsoft is in the process of updating the online design for OneDrive and with it comes a cleaner layout and new folder icons; it appears Microsoft is testing this UI as not all users have it yet. Read more…

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OnePlus aims to sell up to 5 million phones this year, including a new cheaper handset

After selling around a million phones in 2014, OnePlus hopes to sell between 3 and 5 million this year – and alongside its next-gen Two flagship, it will launch a new cheaper model by the end of 2015. Read more…

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Philips Expands Hue Lineup With BR30 Recessed Lights [iOS Blog]

Philips has expanded its Hue line of app-controlled lighting with a new bulb, the BR30, which is designed to fit into recessed sockets typically installed in living rooms and kitchens with a standard E26 screw fitting.

BR30 bulbs are designed to deliver 600 lumens of light, similar to the standard Hue bulbs, but the BR30 is a downlight, delivering light in a downward beam rather than providing omnidirectional light. BR30 bulbs provide a full range of color and a full range of white light.

Like the original Hue bulbs, and the Friends of Hue LightStrips and Bloom, the BR30 can be controlled through an iPhone or iPad, which pairs with the Hue bridge. In addition to the Philips app, there are several other third party apps also designed to work with Hue bulbs.

Ars Technica went hands-on with the new BR30 Hue lights, finding them to perform as well as the standard Hue bulbs.

The color and intensity of the light they produce is indistinguishable to my eyes from that of the standard A19 Hue bulbs. Tone reproduction is bright and rich, with eye-watering reds, blues, and purples, though the lights have the same problem with deep green as do the standard Hue bulbs (owing to their non-standard LED colors—the bulbs contain lime-green LEDs instead of a darker “normal” green). Transitions between colors are smooth, without any jumping or flashing to odd non-intermediate shades.

The new BR30 bulbs, which can be purchased today from Apple retail stores, are available in a set of three for $199 (bridge included) or consumers can purchase a single bulb for $59.

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