Apple Pay Now Supports Tesco Bank and TSB in U.K., Over 90 New U.S. Issuers

Apple updated its Apple Pay participating issuers list today with 95 additional banks, credit unions and financial institutions supporting the contactless payment service in the United States. Apple Pay now has over 750 participating issuers nationwide, and several more plan to support the NFC-based mobile payment service in the future.

Apple Pay now supports Tesco Bank and TSB in the United Kingdom

Apple also added Apple Pay support for two larger financial institutions Tesco Bank and TSB in the United Kingdom. Tesco Bank, which began emailing customers about incoming Apple Pay support earlier this week, currently supports Apple Pay for its MasterCard credit cards, while TSB supports debit cards and MasterCard and AMEX credit cards.

H&R Block, a large tax planning, preparation, and filing company, highlights the complete list of Apple Pay participating U.S. issuers. As a disclaimer, it should be noted that some smaller banks, credit unions and financial institutions listed may have already had support for the contactless payments service and are only now being reflected on Apple’s website.

The full list of new Apple Pay participating issuers in the U.S. is ahead.Acme Federal Credit Union

Alpine Bank

Alpine Credit Union

Altier Credit Union

American 1 Credit Union

American Trust and Savings Bank

Ashland Credit Union

Augusta Metro Federal Credit Union

Avidia Bank

Bank Independent

Bank of New Hampshire

Bay Area Credit Union

Broadway National Bank

Calumet Bank

Camden National Bank

CapCom Credit Union

Century Bank & Trust

Citizens Bank of Edmond

Citizens Bank of Washington County

CoastHills Credit Union

Commercial Banking Company

Community Bank NA

Decatur Earthmover Credit Union


F&M Bank

Farmers State Bank

First Atlantic Federal Credit Union

First Citizens Bank

First Command Bank

First Commerce Credit Union

First Florida Integrity Bank

First National Bank & Trust Co.

First National Bank of Oklahoma

First Priority Bank

Florida Credit Union

Great Lakes Credit Union

H&R Block

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

Heartland Bank & Trust Company

Homeland Credit Union

Idaho Independent Bank

International Finance Bank

Iroquois Federal

Johnson City Bank

Kane County Teachers Credit Union

Kekaha Federal Credit Union

Kinetic Credit Union

Klerberg Bank

Lake City Bank

LaTerre Federal Credit Union

Leyden Credit Union

Marblehead Bank

Marshall Community Credit Union


Members First Community Credit Union

Members First Credit Union of New Hampshire

Metro Employees Credit Union

MidSouth Bank NA

Montgomery Bank NA

MountainOne Bank


Nebo Credit Union

Neighbors Federal Credit Union

NewDominion Bank

Northeast Credit Union

Northwest Federal Credit Union

Oak Valley Community

OAS Staff Federal Credit Union

Oklahoma Central Credit Union

Oklahoma Employees Credit Union

OnPoint Community Credit Union

OUR Credit Union

PCM Credit Union

Peoples Bank (AR)

Peoples State Bank

Railroad & Industrial Federal Credit Union

RIA Federal Credit Union

River Works Credit Union

Rocky Mountain Credit Union

Sb1 Federal Credit Union

Seacoast Bank

SECNY Federal Credit Union

Service 1st Federal Credit Union

Sikorsky Credit Union

Southbridge Savings Bank

Southwest 66 Credit Union

State Bank of Southern Utah

SunWest Educational Credit Union

Texas Bay Credit Union

Tinker Federal Credit Union

Tonawanda Valley Federal Credit Union

TransWest Credit Union

Winslow Community Federal Credit Union

Woodlands Bank

Zeal Credit Union

Apple Pay launched in Canada today for American Express customers, with Australia to follow later this week. Apple is also partnering with American Express to bring Apple Pay to Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong next year.

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Apple Opening New Retail Stores in Florida and New Hampshire This Week [Mac Blog]

Apple is opening two new retail locations in Sarasota, Florida and Manchester, New Hampshire this week, with the Florida location opening on Thursday, October 16 and the New Hampshire location opening on Saturday, October 18.

Apple’s new Sarasota location, at the brand new $315 million University Town Center mall, will open on a Thursday rather than a Saturday as that day marks the grand opening of the shopping center. The University Town Center mall is an indoor facility that features an array of retail stores and restaurants.

The upcoming Sarasota Apple Store will be Apple’s 17th store in Florida, and its Thursday debut date falls on the same day as Apple’s media event where it is expected to introduce both new iPads and Retina iMacs.

Apple’s new store in Manchester, New Hampshire is located at the Mall of New Hampshire, a multi-story indoor shopping center that is home to 125 retail stores and restaurants. Occupying a space that spans about 6,800 square feet, the Apple store joins two other retail locations in New Hampshire, in Nashua and Salem.

Both stores will open at 10:00 a.m. local time and as is common with new store openings, employees will likely hand out T-shirts to the first customers to visit each new location. The Manchester store and the Sarasota store have both begun accepting reservations for workshops and Genius Bar appointments.

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GT Argues Inability to Disclose Bankruptcy Details, Citing Confidentiality Agreements

GT Advanced Technologies today appeared in a New Hampshire courtroom, asking for non-disclosure in its pending bankruptcy proceedings. According to Reuters, a lawyer for the company told the court that a confidentiality agreement prevented it from disclosing the details surrounding its Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Luc Despins of Paul Hastings told U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Henry Boroff an unspecified confidentiality agreement prevented GT from disclosing the cause of its bankruptcy, or its plan for dealing with the situation. He also acknowledged the 90 percent drop in the company’s stock price in the first three trading days of this week.

GT further asked the court to seal select documents referencing a third-party, noting that the disclosure would violate existing confidentially agreements. The publication of these documents could prove costly to the sapphire maker with potential damages of $50 million per violation. GT failed to identify the third-party company, but it almost certainly is Apple, which is known for its strict confidentiality clauses.

GT’s lawyers also asked that the proceedings be closed to the public as part of what they agree is an „unusual (and perhaps unprecedented)“ request. Lawyers from the Department of Justice denounced GT’s motions, saying „the record is insufficient for the court to find what the court needs to find.“

GT filed for bankruptcy earlier this week, taking Apple and Wall Street by surprise. Apple reportedly was working with the company to help it remain solvent, but those efforts have failed for the time being and GT will seek to restructure its finances moving forward.

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Apple Withheld $139 Million Payment from GT Advanced Ahead of Bankruptcy Filing [iOS Blog]

Apple withheld a final $139 million payment that it was due to make to GT Advanced, reports The Wall Street Journal, which may have contributed to the company’s decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. GT also reportedly burned through cash, spending $248 million in one quarter.

That may have led to the company’s filing, since its cash, at $85 million, was below a $125 million trigger point that would allow Apple to demand repayment of about $440 million in loans it had advanced. Apple had agreed to lend GT a total of $578 million to help get a large sapphire factory in Arizona up and running. The tech giant reportedly withheld the last $139 million payment it was due to make, although it isn’t clear why.

What is obvious is that GT effectively bet the house on a new technology with a new business model and made itself dependent on a single customer–Apple.

Though it is not known why Apple withheld the final $139 million payment, Apple’s $578 million loan to GT Advanced was subjected to certain capacity requirements that the sapphire company may not have been able to meet. According to GT Advanced’s own filings, it may have had issues with poor sapphire yield rates.

Apple and GT Advanced first struck a deal in late 2013, and along with a $578 million loan for purchasing equipment, Apple also constructed a 700-employee manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona, which is run by GT Advanced.

While Apple was widely expected to include sapphire display covers from GT Advanced on some iPhone 6 models, that did not end up happening. Despite purchasing a facility for GT and lending it money to buy equipment, Apple was under no obligation to purchase GT’s sapphire. GT was, however, subjected to „exclusivity provisions“ that limited what it could sell to other companies.

Though GT Advanced has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, GT Advanced’s CEO promised the company would continue operations as it went though a transitional phase to reorganize its business.

GT Advanced will have its first Chapter 11 bankruptcy court hearing on Thursday, October 9 in New Hampshire, where it is expected to explain what caused its bankruptcy filing.

(Image: GT sapphire furnace)

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Larger Stonestown Apple Retail Store Opening in San Francisco on Saturday [Mac Blog]

Apple is vastly increasing the size of its Stonestown Galleria Apple Retail Store in San Francisco, going from one of the narrowest locations in the chain at 25 feet wide – a total of 3,160 square feet including back of house space – to a much larger location a reported 7,600 square feet of total space.

The new store location will open on Saturday, December 14 at 8AM for extended holiday hours (via 9to5Mac), just two Saturday’s before Christmas.

According to IFOAppleStore:

The mall plan shows how the T-shaped Apple store will move into three spaces that form a curved storefront. Apple will occupy spaces 170, 171 and about the right-most 10 feet of #172 (the remaining part to the left will be occupied by a bakery restaurant). The width of the storefront will increase from 25 feet to nearly 75 feet. The square footage will increase from 3,160 to about 7,690, double the original space.

Apple has moved a number of its stores within the same general areas in recent years, focusing on increased square footage of existing locations as they get busier, rather than building new locations.

Last month, Apple more than doubled the size of its Rockingham Park Apple Store in Salem, New Hampshire, one of the busiest mall locations in the chain.

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Rockingham Park Apple Store in Salem, New Hampshire More Than Doubling in Size [Mac Blog]

The Rockingham Park Apple Store in Salem, New Hampshire is dramatically expanding its footprint, moving into the former H&M space next door, as noticed by IFOAppleStore.

The store is one of the busiest mall-based locations in the chain, largely because of its proximity to Boston and the fact that New Hampshire has zero sales tax, drawing many buyers away from Boston’s other Apple Store locations.

The new location, which will see the store going from 5,888 to 13,500 square feet, opens Saturday at 10AM.

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2013 Sales Tax Holidays: Why This Is The Best Time To Buy A MacBook Air

August is upon us, and that means it’s time once again for a number of U.S. states to hold their annual sales tax holidays. If you’re in the market for a new Mac and reside in one of these states then consider the following tips – especially if you’re thinking about buying a new MacBook […]

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