‘Steve Jobs’ Earns $2.6 Million in Limited Release, Opens Wide Today

Steve Jobs has been out in limited release for two weeks now, meaning fans in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and select other locations in the U.S. and Canada have been able to see the Danny Boyle-directed film about the former Apple CEO ahead of today’s official wide release. Since its debut on October 9, the movie has grossed $2,601,320 as of Wednesday, October 21.

With the wide release, Universal Pictures has uploaded a handful of new videos to its YouTube channel. Throughout its limited release, the company posted unique content surrounding the launch of the movie, including a video where Steve Wozniak discusses his relationship with the real Steve Jobs and new clips from the movie. Yesterday, a roundtable discussion video was posted showcasing the film’s cast and crew talking about the legacy of Jobs.

The new movie, made on a budget of $30 million, is projected to gross between $15 and $19 million on opening weekend, with its direct competitor for the top spot at the box office being the supernatural horror sequel Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (via Variety). In total, Steve Jobs will expand from its 60 previous limited release theater locations to 2,411 across the country today.

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FAQ: Everything you need to know about the XcodeGhost App Store hack

If you’re as confused as we were when we first heard about the major App Store hack over the weekend, we’re here to help. Here’s a compilation of everything we know about the XcodeGhost story, and we’ll be updating it as more develops. What is XcodeGhost? The XcodeGhost hack represents the first widespread malware incident […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Go Go Ghost is a spirited sort of endless runner

Endless runners are a popular genre on iOS, and the newly-launched Go Go Ghost looks like it’s not going to buck that trend. A side-scrolling auto-runner, it varies up the formula by adding missions. To complete each mission, your character…Read more ›

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PhotoForge And KitCam Axed As Yahoo Buys Developer

Yahoo has bought the developer of the fantastic iOS apps PhotoForge and KitCam. Ghostbird’s software team will now work for Yahoo, helping to make Flickr even better. And – as ever with these things – development on both apps will stop.

PhotoForge was (it’s gone from the App Store, in Spain at least) a fantastic photo editing app for the iPad, and it’s a real shame to see it go – it was one of a handful of apps that could do PhotoShop’s job on iOS (hint: PhotoShop Touch isn’t one of those apps).

However, if you have it already you’re fine, and the app remains in iCloud for your future re-downloading pleasure. And in the meantime the GhostBird Software folks will be working away, hopeful helping out with the much needed iPad version of the great iPhone Flickr app.

Source: GhostBird
Via: Twitter

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Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Screen Ghosting on Retina MacBook Pros

Law360 reports (via 9to5Mac) that a Retina MacBook Pro owner has launched a would-be class action lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the widely reported ghosting issues are the result of defective LG screens and that Apple has been „tricking“ customers into buying these by not distinguishing them from models sold with Samsung screens.

Ghost images of previous content have been widely demonstrated on some Retina MacBook Pros, as in the above video. A support thread on apple.com on the issue currently runs to over 7000 posts across almost 500 pages. Apple uses displays manufactured by both Samsung and LG in its Retina laptops, and it has been strongly indicated that the issue affects mostly machines with LG screens. Apple has so far made no statement on the issue beyond a support document in which it describes „image persistence“ as a characteristic of IPS displays and gives some advice on minimizing the effects.

The lawsuit has been filed in a Federal court in California by Retina MacBook Pro owner Beau Hodges, who says that Apple should have disclosed the issue and allowed customers to choose between machines with LG and Samsung screens.

The electronics giant must know about the differences between the two versions because it spent a considerable amount of time testing the products during research and development and has been inundated with complaints from customers about the LG screen’s problems, according to the suit.

“The performance disparity between the LG version and the Samsung version is particularly troubling given that Apple represents the MacBook Pro with retina display as a single, unitary product, described as the highest quality notebook display on the market,” the complaint said. “None of Apple’s advertisements or representations discloses that it produces the computers with display screens that exhibit different levels of performance and quality.”

A class action lawsuit is one in which a large number of people collectively file a claim. In this case, the suit has so far been filed by a single individual who is inviting others to join him in his claim, potentially turning it into a class action.

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