Apple is teaming with other tech giants for financial lobbying

Apple, Amazon and Google aren’t exactly techie BFFs, as can be seen from that whole Android vs. iOS thing, or Amazon’s recent decision to boot Apple TV out of its online store. But you know what can bring the heads of all three companies together? Let’s try a quick pop-quiz. A) Team-building paintball trip. B) Romantic candlelit dinner. C) […]

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Cyber criminals plot to extort Bitcoins from Russian banks

Cyber criminals said they will continue to DDoS Russian banks, unless Bitcoin ransoms are met. The DDoS attacks are a part of a rising online extortion trend involving cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Read more…

Cult of Mac Magazine: iPhone 6s is one sexy beast

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus came out last week, and it’s been a fun ride getting to know what makes these sexy beasts tick. Check out this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine for all the tips, tricks, reviews, news, and just plain great content with yet another digital issue of your favorite magazine. […]

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Google could be the subject of a $1.4 billion fine after allegedly doctoring search results

Google has been accused, by a number of Indian companies, of doctoring search results to favour its own services over others’, a claim which, if true, could lead to a fine of $1.4 billion. Read more…

World’s most spoiled dog scores two Apple Watch Editions

The son of China’s richest man has bought not one, but two gold Apple Watch Editions. For his dog. Wang Sicong’s father, real-estate magnate Wang Jianlin, is worth about $34 billion dollars, and the 27-year-old son officially has too much…Read more ›

All developers can now access the App Analytics beta

Patient iOS developers haven’t had long to wait for their time with Apple’s new App Analytics tool; the beta is now open to everyone with an iTunes Connect Admin, Finance, or Sales account. The new platform appeared earlier this month,…Read more ›

Microsoft Band SDK shows off two unannounced tiles

If you own a Microsoft Band, it looks like there are two new tiles headed to your device after the features were uncovered in the SDK that was released earlier today. Read more…

Sony’s reports $1.25 billion in losses over last quarter

Reports over the Tokyo-based Sony Corporation’s latest fiscal quarter are coming in and the data doesn’t look good, showing almost universal losses across the board for the company. Read more…

Apple shares hit new all-time high for third day in a row

Buoyed by expectation-defying earnings, Apple Pay, and an apparently insatiable demand for the iPhone 6, AAPL stock closed Wednesday at a new all-time split-adjusted high of $107.3. Apple was trading at $92 at the time of the 7-to-1 split, which means…Read more ›

AT&T admits to insider breach of personal information

AT&T has a confirmed that it suffered a data breach back in August, carried out by one of its own employees. The now-former employee accessed personal information relating to an unspecified number of users, such as their Social Security and…Read more ›