Website lets you be a bigger blowhard than Donald Trump

The headlines that once elevated Donald Trump now predict his fall from presidential politics. If his second-place showing in the Iowa caucuses is an indication, the comedy will soon turn toward Ted Cruz. Variety even magazine headlined one story: “Donald Trump: Is the Joke Over?” It doesn’t have to be, thanks to a website that […]

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Apple will unveil 4-inch ‘iPhone 5se’ in March

Speculation regarding a new 4-inch iPhone coming out of Cupertino has run rampant the past few months with rumors claiming the device will look like an tiny iPhone 6, but a new report claims the device will actually look more like a special edition iPhone 5s. Apple plans to upgrade the existing iPhone 5s that […]

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Apple Pay Usage Declined on Black Friday Over Last Year Per New Study

In a new study performed by InfoScout, nearly half as many possible Apple Pay customers used the mobile payments system on Black Friday in 2015 as they did in 2014 on the same sales-laden holiday (via Quartz). The study polled a total of 300,000 people to gather the information, discerning the time around March 2015 as Apple Pay’s peak, with another understandable resurgence in the fall surrounding the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The research organization found that Apple Pay was used for only 2.7 percent of total possible Apple Pay-eligible transactions on Black Friday this year. This is opposed to 2014, where new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus customers used Apple Pay in 4.9 percent of eligible transactions. As InfoScout points out, simple early adopter curiosity – Apple Pay was barely a month old at the time – could have helped in the service’s early-on surge in numbers.

InfoScout‘s survey didn’t track in-app payments made on Black Friday through Apple Pay, however, so customers who shopped on mobile devices in apps like Target and Best Buy were not included in the results. 300,000 participants is a large sample size, but given the popularity of mobile and online shopping, there’s a good possibility that a large swath of Apple Pay’s numbers were subsequently excluded from the poll.

Despite the tepid usage of Apple Pay on Black Friday this year as reported by the survey, Apple has been in full force behind the year-old service. With its launch in new countries like Canada and Australia, the company has continued to educate its customers on Apple Pay’s various features with new guided tour videos. Other stores have launched loyalty rewards support and the service is available at more places than ever thanks to Square’s $49 NFC and Chip reader.

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Microsoft’s ‘Surface Phone’ allegedly releasing in 2016

Microsoft’s rumored ‘Surface Phone’ may be a reality, according to a recent report. The handset is allegedly designed by the Surface team, and set to release during the second half of 2016. Read more…

Wearable recorder keeps your mic close at hand

There are people who walk this earth with a recorder and mic much the way a photographer does with a camera. Like the eye, the ear picks up rich and textured details, from the husky-voiced uncle spinning a yarn at Thanksgiving to swirly gusts of wind rousting the last leaves of fall clinging to their […]

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Apple surprises ‘iPhone 6’ photographers with coffee table books

The billboards and ads featuring beautiful photographs shot with an iPhone 6 are nearly gone. Apple is now promoting a new iPhone. But that does not mean Apple has forgotten the photographers whose work helped sell phones and treat the world to art in public spaces. Photographers from the “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign have […]

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Wegmans Shoppers Club Card Showing Up in Apple Pay, but Full Rollout Not Coming Until 2016

Following yesterday’s official launch of the first Apple Pay-enabled loyalty card from Walgreens with its Balance Rewards program, a number of MacRumors readers reported that their Shoppers Club loyalty cards from grocery store chain Wegmans were also showing up in Apple Pay.

Early testing has shown that card readers at Wegmans stores are not yet accepting Shoppers Club cards via Apple Pay, and Wegmans’ June press release alongside Apple’s WWDC announcements pointed only to a „fall“ launch, so we contacted the company to ask for an update on Shoppers Club integration with Apple Pay.

„Wegmans will be testing loyalty card support via Apple Pay at one store later this year,“ a spokesperson told MacRumors. „If all goes well, we plan to roll that service out to all stores in 2016.“

The spokesperson declined to identify the specific store where Apple Pay Shoppers Club will be tested, but did note it will be in the company’s home market of Rochester, New York.

Wegmans is a popular grocery store chain that with a new store opening outside of Philadelphia this Sunday will have 88 locations in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. The chain is known for its large stores of up to 140,000 square feet with a focus on prepared foods, broad selection of items, and even in-store restaurants and childcare in some locations.

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Threshold 2 now reported to launch on next Patch Tuesday

After a previous report prophesying a November 2 launch was proved false, a Microsoft Support site now suggests that the ‘Fall Update’ to Windows 10 will be released next Tuesday. Read more…

Development of first party titles for the PS Vita has ended

In order to shift focus towards its PlayStation 4 console, Sony has officially confirmed that there are no first party games being developed for the PlayStation Vita. Read more…

Windows 10 Threshold 2 update coming in November

Users won’t have to wait long for the first big feature update to Windows 10. ‘Threshold 2’ or the fall update, as it is being called by some, is reportedly slated for a November 2 launch. Read more…