How to Watch Super Bowl XLIX on Your iPad or Computer [iOS Blog]

Super Bowl XLIX is airing this Sunday, with the New England Patriots facing off against the Seattle Seahawks. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you might be worried about missing the game – but rest easy, there are several ways to watch if you have an iPad, computer, or Verizon iPhone.

We’ve outlined all of the ways you can catch the Super Bowl in the video below, and we’ve also got a walkthrough complete with links in this post.

iPad and iPod touch

NBC is running a promotion called „Super Stream Sunday“ that will let all U.S.-based users watch 11 continuous hours of NBC content through the NBC Sports Live Extra app on the iPad or iPod touch.

The app normally requires a cable subscription and authentication to log in, but beginning at noon Eastern Time on February 1, the login requirements will be eliminated. NBC’s Super Stream Sunday will include the full game, the halftime show with Katy Perry, and pre- and post-game shows.

Apple TV users can use AirPlay mirroring to watch content from their iPads on their televisions.

The NBC Sports Live Extra app can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]


Super Stream Sunday also extends to Macs and PCs, which can be used to watch the Super Bowl by visiting the website. As with the app, streaming content from the NBC website will include the game itself, plus all of the add-ons.

Mac users can use AirPlay with an Apple TV to stream content to their television sets.


NBC does not have the rights to stream Super Bowl content to iPhone users, so the NBC Sports Live Extra app will not work for streaming the game on the iPhone. Verizon has an exclusive content deal with the NFL, which means that if you don’t have a Verizon phone, you’ll need to find an alternate way to watch the Super Bowl.

If you are a Verizon subscriber with a MORE Everything plan, you can stream the Super Bowl on your iPhone through the Verizon NFL Mobile app.

NFL Mobile can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]


If you’re not in the United States but want to watch Super Bowl XLIX, you can purchase an NFL Game Pass that gives access to a live stream of the Super Bowl for $9.99. NFL Game Pass lets you stream NFL games on your computer or iPad.

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NBC to Stream Super Bowl XLIX on iPad and Mac for Free, No Cable Subscription Required

NBCUniversal today announced that it’s debuting a new „Super Stream Sunday“ promotion, which will allow all U.S.-based users to watch 11 continuous hours of NBC content through the website and through the NBC Sports Live Extra app on the iPad/iPod touch without the need for a cable subscription.

Super Stream Sunday, which starts on February 1 at noon Eastern Time, will include Super Bowl XLIX, the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show with Katy Perry, and the Super Bowl XLIX pre- and post-game shows. It will also feature an episode of The Blacklist.

Accessing NBC content through or within the NBC Sports Live Extra app typically requires a cable subscription and authentication through logging into the service, but for the Super Stream Sunday period, no logins will be required, allowing everyone to watch the Super Bowl for free. NBC is running the promotion in an effort to make people aware of its TV Everywhere offerings, which offer television content on a range of devices with a cable subscription.

While iPad and iPod touch users can watch the Super Bowl using the NBC Sports Live Extra app, NBC is not able to stream content to the iPhone as it does not have NFL live-streaming rights for smartphones due to an exclusive deal the NFL has with Verizon Wireless.

Verizon Wireless and the NFL plan to introduce a Super Bowl Stadium app that will offer „exclusive in-stadium video content“ that includes commercials and replays shown from four camera angles. Users not in the United States or Mexico can access the Super Bowl through the NFL’s Game Rewind service.

NBC Sports Live Extra can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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MiniDrive Uses SD MacBook Slot To Add Extra Storage [Review]

Not much to see here, apart from the nailfile-esque surface.

MiniDrive by Nifty
Category: Storage
Works With: SD-slot-equipped Mac
Price: $20

The Nifty MiniDrive is tiny caddy that lets you hide a microSD card entirely inside the SD card slot on your MacBook Air (or any other Mac with an SD slot). The idea is that you can cheaply add storage to your SSD-equipped Mac.

When I first wrote up the MiniDrive as a news piece, a whole bunch of readers got in contact to tell me how much it sucked, mostly because it didn’t fit properly into the SD slot on their Macs.

My experience has been fine, so I’m putting down those bad experiences to being the first wave of Kickstarter order fulfillments. That’s no excuse, clearly – if you sell something it should work – but I can only review what I have to review. And so I will.

What It Is

Once the MiniDrive is in you can forget about it.

The Nifty MiniDrive is a tiny microSD adapter that’s the exact shape of a regular SD card, only with the end cut off. You slot the microSD card into the side, and then slot the MiniDrive card into the Mac. You have to do this quickly or the Mac won’t see the card. As you have to make sure the card is pushed all the way in, without the benefit of a “handle,” you need to use something like a coin or a tough thumbnail to shove it home.

The good news is that once you have done this you can forget about it.

To remove the drive, you need to slot a piece of wire through a hook in the outer surface. Because the MacBook doesn’t have a spring-loaded SD slot you can’t just push to eject like you can with some computers and most cameras. In practice this isn’t a problem as the MiniDrive is meant to be a semi-permanent addition to the computer.

The Good

The obvious benefit is that you now have up to 64GB extra storage in your Mac. If you have a 64GB MacBook Air then you just doubled its capacity. Speed depends on which card you choose to use in the adapter (the Wirecutter recommends the SanDisk Ultra, for $25 (32GB) and $49 (64GB) on Amazon), but clearly won’t be anywhere near that of the native SSD. But if you treat this as a kind of cold-storage overflow drive then you’re good.

HD movies run fine, even in the Finder in a Quick Look window.

In my testing I have been using the drive for movies and photos, both of which take up a lot of space on my Air’s 128GB drive. HD movies run fine, even in the Finder in a Quick Look window, and flipping through photos is just as responsive as doing it from the SSD. In this case I did a Select All on the photos copied from my Dropbox Camera Uploads folder (around a gig and a half of JPGs from a Fujifilm X100S), set the Quick Look to full screen and flipped through. The speed felt the same on the SSD and the MiniDrive, although as I said this depends solely on the speed of the card.

The Bad

It’s mini. It’s a drive. MiniDrive!

The MiniDrive feels a little cheap. The plastic caddy is fine, but the end cap feels loosely connected and rough. It’s far from the smooth aluminum finish of the unibody MacBook it’s meant to match. This might be why production is currently on hold, with a the next batch planned to be made at Foxconn.

The other problem is pretty obvious: the MiniDrive takes up an SD slot. This isn’t a big deal if you don’t use your camera with your Mac, but if you do then you might find it a bit silly to be using a USB card reader to get your images into the MacBook. On the other hand, this means that you can import the photos straight to the MiniDrive. This one really depends on how you work – I either import photos to a second internal HDD inside my iMac, or via camera connection kit to an iPad mini (from where Photo Stream magically transports them to my iMac and then my Dropbox).

The Verdict

The MiniDrive is a great idea, and I’ll be leaving mine in until I find a reason to take it out. Right now you can’t buy one from the official site, but the link below will take you to the product on Amazon.

I also came up with another use for it: If you reformat the SD card inside to be a proper Mac drive, and not the FAT32 file system that SD cards use as standard, you can use the MiniDrive as a Time Machine disk. That’s pretty neat, right?

Product Name: : MiniDrive

The Good: A fantastic way to add cheap storage to a Mac, especially if you don’t mind losing an SD slot.

The Bad: Feels cheap, tricky to insert.

The Verdict Does what it says it does. It’s pretty great to have an extra 64GB for just $20 plus $50 for the microSD card.

Buy from: Amazon

Rating: ;☆☆☆☆☆ ;

The post MiniDrive Uses SD MacBook Slot To Add Extra Storage [Review] appeared first on Cult of Mac.

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