CleanMyDrive 2 offers new tools to keep your external drives in top shape

Ever noticed how filled with digital flotsam and jetsam your Mac gets? It’s even worse with external hard drives, which tend to fill up with OS X service files (with glorious names like .DS_Store or .TemporaryItems), Windows service files from when you connect to other PCs, resource forks and un-emptied files in the Trash. CleanMyDrive […]

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Western Digital External Hard Drives Experiencing Data Loss On OS X Mavericks

Western Digital has been emailing customers and warning them about hard drives “experiencing data loss when updating to Apple’s OS X Mavericks.” The problem seems to effect multiple kinds of drives, including the company’s popular MyBook lineup. According to Western…Read more ›

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How Fast Is That External Drive? Find Out With Disk Speed Test [OS X Tips]

I’ve just picked up one of those fancy USB 3 drives to use with my Macbook Air as a sort of secondary backup when I travel, as it was so inexpensive for a 120 Gb drive. I wanted to know how much faster it might be, even on my non-USB 3 Air, than the run […]

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Ulysses III Update Gets A Whopping 117 Changes Following User Feedback

We told you about Ulysses III when it first hit the Mac App Store back in April, and we called it “the best text editor ever” in our review. And it’s even better with its latest update, which brings a whopping 117 changes based on user feedback.

If you need a good text editor for Mac, then we urge you to give Ulysses a try. It’s a little more expensive than most at $39.99, but it’s worth every penny. There were a few things that needed ironing out, however, and developers The Soulmen have done that in the latest update.

Check out the release notes for Ulysses III — you might want to grab a coffee first:

The Feedback Update

Resolves 117 issues reported by our users. We are baffled by all the positive feedback we’re receiving, even when pointing out problems, flaws and inconsistencies. We are obviously serving some of the nicest people in the Mac community, so thanks and keep it up! 🙂

– CMD-Delete moves sheets to trash
– CMD-Alt-Delete immediately deletes a sheet
– Context menu option to open sheets/groups in new window
– External sources can be filtered by file name
– Setting to create new sheets as .txt in external sources

– Shortcuts should now work as expected on all keyboard layouts
– Changed heading shortcut to work on all keyboard layouts (i.e. CMD- on US)
– Double CMD-Left to exit editor now works on every line

– Improved input of Chinese, Japanese and Korean text
– Spell checking “Ignore” works correctly now
– Using delete on text objects (links, annotations) with nested objects (image, footnotes) no longer destroys the nested objects
– Links now allow arbitrary URLs
– Strong-Emphasis is now correctly being parsed
– Changes in sheet notes can now be undone while the popover is open
– Keywords are now always saved when detached into panel
– Vastly improved scrolling performance in editor, especially on Retina devices
– Fixed search highlights with Tibetan letters
– Show static scroll bars only when needed
– Static scroll bars no longer overlay text in HUDs

– Multi-paragraph footnotes are correctly imported from Markdown
– Markdown correctly exports image links now
– Fixed Markdown export of percentage characters, footnotes and indented enumerations
– Exporting multiple sheets to Markdown now inserts a blank line between them
– Exporting to HTML now works with non-default application
– Fixed HTML export of code blocks and footnotes
– RTF and PDF now look nicer with block quotes
– Raw Source is no longer exported to PDF and RTF
– Generated filenames no longer contain “-“ for backslashes (without the quotes)

– External sources do no longer get lost on restarts
– HTML (and other) non-text text files are no longer opened by external sources
– No longer show markup switcher when treating .txt files as Markdown in external sources
– Clustering now works in root of external sources
– State restoration now works for external sources
– Create new Daedalus stacks in correct position
– Titles spanning multiple paragraphs are now correctly imported from Daedalus

– Improved startup performance with lots of contents (still not perfect but getting there!)
– Fixed deleted sheets showing up in editor
– Fixed incorrect counter results when selecting sheets with shift key
– Global filters now also contain sheets from the inboxes
– Fixed broken Versions support (sorry!)
– Fixed ugly display of some Czech diacritic marks and Russian letters in sheet column

– Crash when opening a popover after previously closing a popover by clicking into the editor
– Crash when pasting a paragraph into a link
– Various crashes during text input
– Crash in QuickLook importer for some files
– Many other crashes. But not as many as in 1.0.1. 😉

That’s a lot of changes. If you bought Ulysses back in April at its introductory price of $20, and you spotted a bug, then there’s a good chance that’s now been quashed. So go download the Ulysses III update from the Mac App Store now.

Source: Mac App Store

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