CleanMyDrive 2 offers new tools to keep your external drives in top shape

Ever noticed how filled with digital flotsam and jetsam your Mac gets? It’s even worse with external hard drives, which tend to fill up with OS X service files (with glorious names like .DS_Store or .TemporaryItems), Windows service files from when you connect to other PCs, resource forks and un-emptied files in the Trash. CleanMyDrive […]

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Still Renting Discs From Blockbuster? You Can Now Manage Them On iOS

Blockbuster has today unveiled a new iOS app that allows customers who still subscribe to its traditional disc rental service to manage their rentals on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app also allows you to check stock availability at your local Blockbuster store, and more.

Blockbuster launched a new On Demand iOS app earlier this month, which allows customers to stream rentals to their iOS devices. But those who choose to go down the traditional route and receive physical discs have not been forgotten.

With Blockbuster 2.0, you can now manage your rental queue on your iOS device so that you’re never stuck without a new movie. The app also allows you to scan your membership card for use at a checkout at a Blockbuster store, and check store availability — that means no more wasted trips for a film that’s sold out.

While Blockbuster 2.0 does not support streaming like On Demand, it does allow you to view movie trailers, which should help you decide what you want to watch next.

You can download Blockbuster 2.0 from the App Store now.

Source: App Store

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