Waterfield Debuts New Cases for Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2

San Francisco-based accessory manufacturer Waterfield Designs today unveiled a new line of protective cases for the newly announced Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2. The company promises that the custom-fit cases protect the new Apple accessories from everyday drops and dings, and are thin and light enough to slip into bigger bags.

The Waterfield Magic Keyboard Slip case
The Magic Keyboard has three case options for customers to choose from, the first being the full-featured $59 Magic Keyboard Travel Express, which fits the new keyboard along with power cables, a Magic Mouse and a host of other possibilities in its zippered case. A bit down in price from that is the $29 Magic Keyboard Slip, which takes the housing and look of Waterfield’s MacBook case line and shrinks it down to accommodate the slim new Magic Keyboard. The bare-bones $15 Magic Keyboard Socket promises to protect the new accessory „on a student’s budget.“

“Many laptop and tablet owners use a separate keyboard with their mobile devices to avoid potential Repetitive Strain Injuries (like carpel tunnel syndrome) and other ergonomic problems,” explained founder Gary Waterfield, “But—as too many of us know from experience—one small spill can instantly ruin a Keyboard or TrackPad. We designed the Magic Keyboard and TrackPad 2 cases to protect these devices so that users can take them from workstation to workstation or from work to home with peace of mind.”

The Magic Trackpad 2 is seeing a similar new line of cases from Waterfield today, with a $25 Slip case that provides heavier durability and an extra accessory sleeve and the cheaper $12 Socket option for those wanting protection on the cheaper side. All of the company’s new cases can be ordered from its official website beginning today, with an estimated shipping date of Friday, October 23.

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Apple Updates Find My iPhone, Podcasts And Movie Trailers App With All-New Designs For iOS 7

; The redesign of Apple’s iWork and iLife apps received all the attention at today’s keynote, but Apple isn’t totally neglecting some of its lesser-used apps. Apple released an update for Find My iPhone this afternoon that brings a redesigned interface…Read more ›

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A History Of Mac Wallpaper Designs

Did you know that the Mac only got full screen desktop wallpaper in System 8? It sounds amazing until you realize that the first iPhone didn’t have any wallpaper at all – just a black void hanging malevolently behind the home screen icons. Over at the Egg Freckles blog, Thomas Brand details the history of […]

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Apple Explains Why It Designs Products [Video]

Apple kicked off its WWDC keynote yesterday with an animated video explaining the philosophy behind its design process. Now the segment has been uploaded to Apple’s YouTube channel for the world to see.

“Here, simple phrases paired with elegant visuals describe the thoughts and emotions that go into creating each Apple product.” The video is very much about the company’s core values, like the ad we showed you yesterday.

Bloomberg says that “ads coming this summer won’t focus on the iPhone or any other single product, instead promoting Apple’s brand appeal and its collection of products that work seamlessly together.” The most recent TV ads to come out of Apple have focused on specific aspects of the iPhone, like music and photography.

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