Stephen Colbert’s iPhone 6 comes pre-loaded U2 nudie pics

Apple fans across the U.S. are eagerly awaiting their chance to caress the biggest iPhone screens ever made, but America’s #1 fanboy and late-night show host Stephen Colbert got his iPhone 6 delivery a little early. Colbert immediately dismissed his…Read more ›

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Daily Show ‘investigates’ why people hate Google Glassholes

Google Glass “explorers” have not integrated well into society. There have been bar fights, street fights and subway nightmares thanks to the awkward face computers unleashed by Google, but Sarah Slocum and a group of Glassholes are convinced they’ve been…Read more ›

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Jon Stewart Takes on Apple’s Appearance In Front of Senate Committee [Mac Blog]

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart ran a satirical segment (via Apple 2.0) on last night’s show about Apple CEO Tim Cook’s appearance in front of a U.S. Senate Committee examining the tax strategies of multinational corporations.

Stewart suggests that a number of Senators are Apple fanboys for praising Cook and his company, as well as questions asking Apple executives what they think should be done with the tax code.

Though the embedded video below is Flash-based, iOS users should be able to view the clip at The Daily Show’s website.

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