How to play Crossy Road on Apple TV with your iPhone

Once Apple brought games to the Apple TV, it was a no-brainer that we’d all want to play them together on the couch in our living room. Apple requires developers to support the new Siri Remote, but they can also allow third-party game controllers to move stuff around on the screen, too. Crossy Road, the […]

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Apple Shares New Apple TV Ads Highlighting Apps and Games

Apple today shared five new ads for the fourth-generation Apple TV on its YouTube channel, highlighting a handful of notable and popular apps that are available for the new device. These mark some of the first Apple TV ads Apple has released since the fourth-generation Apple TV launched in late October.

Each ad is just sixteen seconds in length and depicts one of five Apple TV apps and games, including Crossy Road, Netflix, HBO NOW, Disney Infinity 3.0, and Asphalt 8. The videos show a brief glance at each app before cutting to an overall view of the new interface of the Apple TV.

The fourth-generation Apple TV features both an entirely new operating system and a full App Store for the first time, letting users access apps and games on the device. These new Apple TV ads, which will help with app discovery, will likely start showing up on TV over the course of the next few days.
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Apple Introduces Cooperative Play for ‘Crossy Road’ Among Other Games for Apple TV

At Apple’s media event in San Francisco today, Apple announced an App Store for the new Apple TV that plans to bring unique gaming experiences into a user’s living room. The first experience the company showcased was a co-op Crossy Road experience that lets one player use the new Apple TV remote and another an iPhone or iPad to control various characters in the game.

Apple also showcased a new game from Harmonix, the studio behind Rock Band and Dance Central, called Beats Sports which takes a „Wii Sports“ angle on the music rythm game genre. Harmonix confirmed that up to four players will be able to play the game simultaneously with the use of an iPhone or an iPod Touch, similar to Crossy Road‘s co-operative play. The company briefly touched on more robust gaming experiences for Apple TV – like Disney Infinity 3.0 and Guitar Hero – but didn’t give any more details as to how those peripheral-heavy games will work on the new Apple TV.

This story is developing. Refresh for the latest updates from Apple’s September 2015 media event or follow our live blog.

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All of the Apple Design Award winners (and why they won)

The Apple Design Award winners are in. At a ceremony this evening at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple handed out 12 awards to the best apps of the past year. Games scored half of the nods, with some really cool…Read more ›

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