Square begins rolling out new Apple Pay readers nationwide

You local coffee shop might finally start accepting Apply Pay this week, thanks to the official launch of Square’s new card readers that support NFC payments, as well as new chip-and-pin debit cards. Square is rolling out the new readers to 100 local business around the country, after revealing the new device at Apple’s Worldwide […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Cyber attack on Carphone Warehouse results in breach of customer data

Major UK-based smartphone retailer, Carphone Warehouse was recently attacked by cybercriminals who may now have access to the data of millions of customers including credit card details of some. Read more…

Apple Pay actually makes it really easy to commit credit card fraud

When Tim Cook unveiled Apple Pay last year, the company hailed it as the a simple contactless payment solution that also brings extra security credit cards. Except according to one report, Apple Pay is actually making it easier for scammers…Read more ›

Gwen Stefani blasts Apple Pay users with surprises for MasterCard

MasterCard is keeping the Apple Pay party going with a new ad featuring Gwen Stefani who’s been armed with a ‘Surprise launcher’ to blast cardholders with sweet prizes each time they use Apple Pay. The ad is part of MasterCard’s new Priceless…Read more ›

New Apple rewards credit card will earn you free gift cards

Frequent Apple Store shoppers will love the company’s latest credit card partnership with Barclaycard and Visa. Like rewards cards from Amazon and others, you earn points when you spend that add up to free money. “The Barclaycard Visa with Apple…Read more ›

Build your dream online store with Shopify [Freebie]

There’s a reason Shopify is the largest and fastest-growing hosted e-commerce platform in the world. Chosen by over 100,000 independent retailers in 120+ countries, Shopify is the most popular platform for creating your own online store. Now get a 60-day…Read more ›

ChargeCard is a credit card-size cable for when you need a charge [Deals]

The best type of charging cable is the one you have on you. So stay prepared and leave that tangled mess behind with ChargeCard. ChargeCard is your iPhone lightning cable, shaped like a credit card. It’s designed to fit into…Read more ›

Add simplicity and comfort to your back pocket with the EZGO Wallet [Deals]

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Lyft Is Your Friend With A Car [Deals]

Forged in the fires of Silicon Valley and backed by venture capital power players comes Lyft® – a service revolutionizing public transport. You request a ride through the free iOS or Android app, then watch on a real-time map as…Read more ›

The HuMn Wallet 2: The Last Wallet You’ll Ever Want [Deals]

Thanks to this Cult of Mac Deals offer, the days of lugging around a clunky wallet are over. That’s a good thing. Clunky wallets are unorganized, unnecessary, and can even mess up your back. Anyone familiar with Kickstarter knows how…Read more ›