University of Oklahoma Becomes First School to Accept Apple Pay Across Campus

As of this week, the University of Oklahoma will begin accepting Apple Pay across its entire campus, becoming the first university to widely embrace Apple Pay. Students attending the University of Oklahoma can use Apple Pay at any of the campus’s 400 point-of-service locations, including bookstores, restaurants, and more.

Starting this week, Sooners are now able to pay for items at any one of OU’s 400 point-of-service locations – everywhere from Couch Restaurants to the One University Store and the OU Bookstore. That’s right: Buying textbooks, technology and food on campus has never been easier – or more techy.

In a quirky post announcing Apple Pay, the university created a list of reasons why „having Apple Pay campus wide is so awesome,“ ranging from being able to pay without a wallet to the security of the transactions.

The University of Oklahoma appears to be the first college to begin accepting Apple Pay campus wide, but in the near future, more than 700 universities and colleges will adopt the payments service. Apple CEO Tim Cook made the announcement during the company’s third-quarter earnings call, specifically naming the University of Oklahoma, the University of Kentucky, and Auburn University, Cook’s own alma mater.

Since its October 2014 debut, Apple Pay has steadily grown in popularity. Apple Pay works with hundreds of debit and credit cards in the United States and it is accepted at more than 1 million locations across the country.

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University of Oklahoma Becomes First School to Accept Apple Pay Across Campus

Tim Cook to Meet With Turkish President Ahead of Istanbul Apple Store Opening [Mac Blog]

Apple CEO Tim Cook will meet with Turkish President Abdullah Gül tomorrow at the Çankaya Presidential Compound in Ankara, according to the President’s official calendar.

The visit comes as Apple is planning to open its first retail store in the heart of Istanbul’s new multi-use Zorlu Center sometime in 2014. Apple is also heavily involved in the bidding for Turkey’s $4.5 billion tablet initiative that will see as many as 15 million tablets given to the country’s schoolchildren, and Apple executives have met with the president about the project before.

Turkish president Abdullah Gül at far left, Apple VP John Couch at far right at their meeting last year
Cook’s visit is part of an international tour that saw him visiting Ireland last week and the United Arab Emirates earlier today.

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Tim Cook to Meet With Turkish President Ahead of Istanbul Apple Store Opening [Mac Blog]

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: EverClip, Couch Music Player, Star Wars Pinball & More [Roundup]

Kicking off this week’s must-have apps roundup is EverClip for iPad, a terrific tool that lets you “clip” almost anything to Evernote, so that you can’t forget them. We also have a wonderful new music player for the iPad, the new Star Wars Pinball game, and more.

EverClip for iPad — iPad ($5.99)

Charlie wrote about EverClip for iPad earlier this week when it first hit the App Store, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. EverClip is quite possibly the quickest and simplest way to “clip” almost anything to Evernote. You can send text and images from any app, PDF documents, notes, and more — and in most cases all you need is a simple copy & paste.

EverClip lets you send new clippings into a new note, or group multiple clippings together into one note. It also supports tags and notebooks. If you’re a heavy Evernote user, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without EverClip.

Couch Music Player — iPad ($1.99)

Couch Music Player is actually another app Charlie covered earlier this week, and he labeled it “a music player worthy of the iPad.” It has a unique user interface that’s unlike any other music player for iOS, and it encourages you to create dynamic playlists for all of your favorite tunes.

Couch promises to deliver “incredible new levels of personalization and organization to your digital music library,” and it does so with an elegant user interface that you’ll love using. I don’t store that much music on my iPad — I only have the 16GB version — but Couch makes me wish I had my entire music library at my fingertips.

Star Wars Pinball — Universal ($1.99)

Star Wars Pinball is a super addictive pinball game from Zen Studios, the creators of Zen Pinball for iOS. It features your favorite Star Wars characters and three themed tables, with awesome visuals that look great of Retina displays. If you’re a fan of the films, this is one game well worth checking out.

Evernote Food — Universal (Free)

Evernote Food, the iOS app for foodies that lets you keep a record of all the recipes and restaurants you want to remember, has received a major new update adding a number of neat new features. In addition to OpenTable reservations, users can now share recipes with their friends, enjoy better search results, and more.

With Evernote Food 2.1, you can add recipes from Evernote to Evernote Food’s “My Cookbook” section using a specified notebook or tag, making it even easier to keep track of your favorite meals. And if you want to share those recipes with your friends, you can do so via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

If you don’t fancy cooking tonight, Evernote Food will also help you find a great restaurant, and book a table. The latest version adds venue ratings from Foursquare, so you can find the best places to eat nearby, as well as OpenTable integration, so you can book without leaving the app. — iPhone (Free)

The app is undoubtedly the quickest and easiest way to test your broadband and data speeds on your iOS devices — and it’s completely free. And thanks to its latest update, it’s better than ever before. The app now has a brand new look which supports the iPhone 5’s larger display (finally!) and a number of new features.

The update makes it easier to share your test results, with the ability to send them via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Messages. You also have the option to remove the advertisements with a $0.99 in-app purchase.

What’s Your Favorite?

So that concludes our list of this week’s must-have iOS apps. If you’ve picked up something that you think we should have included, be sure to let us know about it in the comments.

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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: EverClip, Couch Music Player, Star Wars Pinball & More [Roundup]