Apple Pencil makes app designers stand up and shout

The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are making paper and pencil design workflow a thing of the past. Amanda Somers, a user experience (UX) designer for mobile app developer Mindsea Development, writes on Medium about her newfound respect for the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro combination. “We are confident in saying we are able to […]

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Microsoft announces ‘Mac to Surface Book’ campaign to help Apple users jump ship

Microsoft has published „Mac to Surface Book,“ a series of four comprehensive guides with which it aims to help Apple Mac users to feel more at home with its new Surface Book. Read more…

Planning to purchase a Windows 10 computer? Microsoft will buy your old device

Want to purchase a new Windows 10 machine? Want to get rid off your existing old gear? Microsoft has an offer you wouldn’t want to refuse. Read more…

Super-simple exploit lets malware creep onto your Mac

Apple’s Gatekeeper feature was designed to keep even the most advanced users from accidentally installing malicious software on their computers, but a super-simple exploit lets hackers sneak malware onto your Mac. The exploit was discovered by Patrick Wardle, director of research at security firm Synack. Wardle found that the exploit is made possible thanks to […]

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Conquer YouTube (and win $10,000) with LG’s Dream Setup competition

This post is brought to you by LG Electronics. Since the dawn of YouTube, anyone with a webcam and something to say has had a chance to become a bona fide superstar. A huge portion of the vlogging celebrities on the Tube make their name and fame by reviewing technology or games — searching “let’s […]

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Dropzone’s latest upgrade breathes new life into drag-and-drop

This post is brought to you by Aptonic Limited, maker of Dropzone. Drag-and-drop functionality — which lets us quickly and easily move files from place to place, into apps, onto websites — might be the most fundamental way we interact with our computers. That’s why we’re impressed by Dropzone: It’s basically an upgrade of good ol’ drag-and-drop for […]

Back to the Start: Windows 95 celebrates its 20th birthday

Two decades ago, Windows 95 was released. We take a look back at some of the most notable features of the popular operating system and its influence on later versions of Windows. Read more…

Windows Hello can identify twins apart, preventing unwanted logins

Twins were used to test Windows Hello’s accuracy. One twin was to register her face in the system, while the other tried to login as the former. Hello was able to tell twins apart, for its results. Read more…

Lenovo in hot water once again for secretly installing unremovable software

Another security breach was found in Lenovo’s computers. The company was found automatically reinstalling its own software even when a computer had been wiped clean on an installation of Windows. Read more…

Finally, a way to make Macs and PCs play nice

This post is brought to you by Paragon Software Group, maker of NTFS for Mac. It’s an unfortunate truth that Macs and PCs generally don’t get along. Snickering ads aside, the discord between the platforms is a real inconvenience for anyone trying to make the jump from one to the other, or for people who […]