Apple’s secrecy is damaging its AI research

Apple’s desire to compete with companies like Facebook and Google in terms of artificial intelligence research is being hurt by… (drum roll) its obsessive secrecy, according to a new report. Noted neural network researcher Yoshua Bengio says that Apple has started attending big conferences such as the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference in Montreal, but […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Cult of Mac Magazine: Apple’s next big thing(s), hot tips for iOS, Mac and Apple Watch and more

It’s another week ending, which means its time for us to round up all the great content from Cult of Mac into one delightful Cult of Mac Magazine. We’ve got all the info we could find out about the upcoming Apple event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in SF, a ton of useful and […]

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Early bird special for a fully equipped, HD-ready mini drone [Deals]

Is there a better sign that the future has arrived than meeting with friends at a park to play with flying robots? Another such sign might be that you can now get one of those robots for the price of a dinner date. The SKEYE Mini Drone is about to launch, at a whopping 34% […]

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Carl Icahn: Apple could be one of the great stocks of the century

Carl Icahn is bearish on the current stock market. After making billions buying Netflix shares near $58, the iconic investor announced today that he’s cashing out now that the stock is trading around $677 because the ‘overheated.’ Despite pulling out…Read more ›

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The Martian trailer shows stranded astronaut surviving the red planet

Based on the highly acclaimed novel of the same name, The Martian will chronicle astronaut Mark Watney’s incredibly plausible scientific survival on the surface of Mars for four years in a habitat designed for 30 days. With Matt Damon in…Read more ›

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iPhone-loving Manny Pacquiao gives Samsung a jab

Manny Pacquiao is expected to have made $80 million off the very boring ‘fight of the Century’ this past weekend just off the ticket sales. Pac-Man made a few extra million on the side too by becoming the latest iPhone-loving celebrity…Read more ›

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‘Modern Family’ will air episode shot entirely with iPhones and iPads

MacBooks and iPhones have been no strangers on ‘Modern Family’ but in an upcoming episode, Apple’s mobile devices are also taking over filming duties too. ‘Modern Family’ plans to be the first major TV show ever to air an episode…Read more ›

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CES 2015: ‘Schlage Sense’ Smart Lock Allows Siri Voice Commands to Unlock Doors

Schlage, a division of technology-focused safety and security company Allegion, has announced at CES this year the Schlage Sense, a touch-pad enabled smart lock for homeowners that most notably allows users to command Siri to unlock their doors thanks to integration with Apple’s HomeKit.

The company’s first Bluetooth-enabled lock, the Schlage Sense allows users to simply enter a code to gain access to their house using the back-lit touchpad or a smartphone with a free-to-download app. HomeKit integration also brings added security and end-to-end encryption and authentication when the Schlage Sense lock interacts with a user’s smartphone via the app.

The Schlage Sense system has the ability to manage and schedule up to 30 codes at the same time through a dedicated, easy-to-use app, which offers an additional layer of key-free convenience. The Schlage Sense app allows individuals to create and delete access codes, check on lock status and view activity, as well as update settings and check battery life without requiring residents to connect to an existing home automation system or pay a monthly subscription charge.

The company also promises that, thanks to Built-in-Alarm Technology that sends out alerts any time it senses potential door attacks, the new lock provides the highest rating of security certified by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association.

Schlage Sense will become the latest in the brand’s growing portfolio of keyless door locks, which also includes the Schlage Touch and Schlage Connect. The new lock will come in two styles – Camelot and Century – and a variety of finishes – Matte Black, Satin Nickel and Aged Bronze – that the company claims will match any home’s aesthetic. Schlage Sense will be made available nationwide in select stores and online retailers „later in 2015.“

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