Apple’s plan to deliver live TV service is ‘on hold’

Apple has reportedly suspended plans to add an Internet-based live television service for Apple TV, maintaining its focus on providing media from other companies. A person familiar with negotiations claims that Apple’s plan to sell a $30-$40 monthly package of exclusive television stations has run into problems — based on the amount of money content […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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With the release of Windows Server 2016, licensing to move from socket to core

Perhaps in a bid to combat lost revenue for the striking amount of cores per processor now available on the market, Microsoft is now moving from ‘socket’ to ‘core’ with it’s new licensing. Read more…

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IBM Providing Employees With Free or Reduced Cost Apple Watch as Part of Health Insurance Plan

Extending its partnership with Apple, IBM is now planning to provide its employees with free or discounted Apple Watch models as part of a „Commit to Health“ initiative that will see the Apple Watch distributed to employees under their health insurance plans.

Based on the health plan an IBM employee chooses, they can either get a subsidy that covers the full cost of an Apple Watch or the option to purchase an Apple Watch at a reduced price. IBM is likely hoping its employees will take advantage of the Apple Watch’s fitness tracking capabilities, racking up steps and meeting exercise goals to stay healthy.

IBM had a similar program that saw employees provided with Fitbit activity trackers, but it is not clear if the Apple Watch is supplementing this program or replacing it. With the Fitbit program, exercising and taking steps let employees accumulate points that were able to be redeemed for merchandise or charitable donations.

Several health insurance companies and businesses have teamed up to adopt similar programs in an effort to cut down on healthcare costs, incentivizing exercise and activity with lower premiums and other rewards. Fitbit, for example, works with a large number of companies to incorporate activity tracking into corporate wellness programs.

Most of these programs existed before the Apple Watch launched, but the Apple Watch itself has proven to be a highly useful tool that motivates wearers to exercise, and it’s possible additional companies could follow in IBM’s footsteps in the future.

The Apple Watch encourages users to stand up once per hour, exercise, and burn calories to achieve goals. Many early Apple Watch adopters have said the device has motivated them to make better lifestyle choices, increasing their daily activity. Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, for example, credits HealthKit and the Apple Watch for his weight loss of 40 pounds.

(Thanks, Eric!)

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Sleep machine promises a good SNOOZ

Maybe the problem with your sleep is the noise. You actually might need a little. A startup called SNOOZ has developed a white noise machine based on the premise that quiet rooms make our hearing acuter. The breeze-like sound coming from its machine will provide a gentle buffer between you and sudden startling sounds. Can’t […]

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Reinstalling Windows 10 now less annoying, allows for keyless future installations

It looks like Microsoft has changed they way activations are processed with Windows 10. The new system registers a device with a product key and allows future installations to be keyless. Read more…

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How to turn your iPhone into a hologram projector

We’re going to be waiting a few years (or decades?) before Apple gets around to adding holographic displays to the iPhone, but did you know there’s actually a wicked-simple trick that lets you turn your iPhone into a hologram machine? This isn’t the work of crazy science fiction. It’s based on the same type of […]

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