Video Review: SwitchEasy’s Cases for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Are Thin and Affordable

For our latest video review, we took a look at SwitchEasy’s lineup of cases for the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. SwitchEasy has been making cases for Apple’s line of iPads and iPhones for years and its latest set of cases offer the quality design and affordable pricing the company is known for.

SwitchEasy’s $20 Nude collection is its thinnest and lightest set of cases, measuring in at 0.8mm thick. Though it’s thin, it is made from a rigid polycarbonate material that has a textured exterior for better grip. It’s not going to offer a lot of drop protection, but it’ll protect an iPhone from bumps and scratches.

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The Numbers series is SwitchEasy’s most affordable iPhone case line, priced at just $15. These cases are made from a soft-touch TPU that’s designed to protect the iPhone from drops up to 1.5 meters. The $20 N+ series is quite similar to the Numbers series, as it’s also made from a soft, rubbery TPU but with a glossy back.

SwitchEasy’s $20 Aero series was created to be thin and light while still offering a good amount of protection. It has a rubbery rim to keep the iPhone safe from drops, but it has the same thin back as the Nude collection. We found it to be an excellent compromise between bulk and protection, and it was one of the lightest cases we’ve tested.

The last collection we looked at, the $25 Play, is similar in design to the Aero but it comes with a wrist strap and a built-in kickstand for watching videos. All of SwitchEasy’s cases mentioned in the video come with an included screen protector for full device protection.

All of SwitchEasy’s cases can be purchased from the SwitchEasy website. Pricing ranges from $15 to $25, but can sometimes be even lower on

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Video Review: The iLuv Layup X is a Solid Multi-Functional Case for the iPhone 6s Plus

iLuv is a well-known Apple accessory manufacturer, with a wide range of iPhone and iPad case options available in retail stores. For our most recent video review, we went hands-on with the company’s Layup X case, available for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus.

The Layup X is a multi-function case that offers all around iPhone protection, a tempered glass screen protector to keep the screen safe from scratches, and a built-in kickstand. More functional than stylish, the Layup X consists of an inner hard shell that holds the iPhone in place and an outer rubber shell that’s designed to offer protection from impact.

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iLuv’s Layup X fits onto an iPhone easily and provides access to all ports and buttons on the device. Though somewhat bulky, the Layup X feels solid on the phone and is a case that’s going to offer a good amount of protection against bumps and drops.

As for the built-in kickstand, it’s functional, but it’s made out of a thin plastic that doesn’t have a good build quality. It’s able to prop the iPhone up into an ideal viewing angle, but we feel that the kickstand is the first place the iLuv case could fail. Overall, though, this is a solid choice for customers seeking a case that’s going to offer all around protection.

The Layup X is available for $34.99 from the iLuv website or from

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Planning to pre-order a Surface Book from the Microsoft Store? Too late – they’re out of stock

After opening pre-orders for its powerful new Surface Book on October 7, the Microsoft Store is now out of stock – but if you must have the device on day one, you can still pre-order it elsewhere. Read more…

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Kwikset Debuts ‘Kevo Plus’ Feature to Add Remote Access to Kevo Bluetooth Lock

First introduced at CES, the Kevo Plus is a new product that accompanies the Kevo, a popular Bluetooth-enabled smart lock. The Kevo Plus adds online connectivity to the Kevo, allowing for remote access for the first time.

With the new Kevo Plus, it’s now possible for Kevo users to lock and unlock their doors from anywhere in the world, in addition to unlocking them when close by with Bluetooth. Kevo Plus connectivity is enabled through a Bluetooth-enabled gateway that plugs into the router with an Ethernet connection to form a secure interaction between the Kevo and the Kevo Plus Gateway.

The Kevo Plus Gateway
To get remote access, existing Kevo users will need to upgrade their accounts to Kevo Plus, paying a one time upgrade fee of $69.99 on the Kevo website. After paying the fee, they’ll receive the Kevo Plus gateway, which will be able to receive remote commands when a user is away from home and communicate those to the Kevo via Bluetooth. A single Kevo Plus Gateway is able to connect with and interact with multiple Kevo locks.

To support the new remote access functionality, the accompanying Kevo app has been updated. In addition to support for the Kevo Plus gateway, the update adds InHome Locking and Unlocking, letting users lock and unlock the Kevo with an iPhone if they’re within Bluetooth range. This new feature does not require Kevo Plus.

The Kevo Smart Lock is available from several retailers such as and for $190 to $220. The Kevo Plus add-on can be purchased from the Kevo website for $70. The Kevo app is available from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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Amazon to Cease Selling Apple TV, Google Chromecast Over ‘Prime Video’ Incompatibility

Amazon plans to stop selling some streaming video devices that compete with its Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, reports Bloomberg. It will no longer offer Google’s Chromecast or Apple’s Apple TV for sale in its online store.

Amazon today sent an email to marketplace sellers notifying them of the upcoming change. The site plans to disallow new listings for the product and remove existing inventory on October 29. As a reason for the removal, Amazon is citing compatibility with its Prime Video streaming service, which is not available on devices from Google and Apple.

„Over the last three years, Prime Video has become an important part of Prime,“ Amazon said in the e-mail. „It’s important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion.“

Other set-top boxes and consoles, including those from Roku, Microsoft, and Playstation, do have apps that allow customers to stream Amazon Prime Video and thus won’t be affected by the new ban.

For Apple customers, this means the new fourth-generation Apple TV will not be available for purchase via It also suggests the device will not be gaining an Amazon video app and will continue to be incompatible with the Amazon Prime Video service.

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Schlage Sense HomeKit-Enabled Smart Deadbolt Now Available for Pre-Order

Schlage today announced that its HomeKit-compatible Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt will be available for purchase beginning in November, with pre-orders that are kicking off today. Priced at $229, the Schlage Sense was previewed earlier this year at CES and is the first door lock that works with Apple’s HomeKit home automation service.

With HomeKit integration, the Schlage Sense will allow homeowners to control their door lock with Siri voice commands, and it has the built-in end-to-end encryption that Apple requires of all HomeKit-compatible products.

The Schlage Sense is able to manage as many as 30 access codes through its accompanying app, which will let users create and delete codes at will, check the lock status, and view in-and-out activity. Unlocking the deadbolt can be done via the iPhone app, through Siri, or through a built-in touchscreen, and installing it can be done without professional help.

„We are thrilled to announce the release of the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt into retail. This launch has been highly anticipated, as we continue to reimagine and develop innovative keyless solutions that integrate smart-home technology,“ said Steve Down, Allegion residential leader. „As a leader in technology and innovation, the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is the newest offering in our suite of electronic products designed to offer consumers the strength, style and convenience that they expect from our brand, and now that also includes support for Apple HomeKit technology.“

Schlage is selling the Sense Smart Deadbolt in two of its iconic styles, Camelot and Century, and it will be available in several finishes including Matte Black, Satin Nickel, and Aged Bronze, to match a range of home styles.

The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt can be pre-ordered from,, and for $229. It will ship out in November.

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You can now get up to 42% off a Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 docking station

Microsoft’s docking stations for its Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 tablets are currently available with up to 42% off their usual price of $199.99, but it’s not clear how long the discounts will last. Read more…

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Amazon’s Echo is now available to all, all, all, all

Remember Echo, Amazon’s Siri-in-a-tube which was first announced back in November, but until now has only been available on an invitation-only basis? If the idea of getting hold of Jeff Bezos’ standalone virtual assistant appeals to you, today is your…Read more ›

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