Apple Seeds Build 12D74 of OS X Beta 10.8.3 to Developers [Mac Blog]

Apple today seeded build 12D74 of OS X Mountain Lion to developers, marking the twelfth beta iteration of the newest version of Mountain Lion. 10.8.3 was first seeded to developers in November of 2012.

Build 12D74 comes two weeks after build 12D68 and features no listed changes. Registered developers can download the update on Apple’s Developer Page.


Apple Seeds Build 12D74 of OS X Beta 10.8.3 to Developers [Mac Blog]

Apple Executives and Directors Required to Hold 3x – 10x Base Salary in AAPL Stock

Apple has changed its corporate bylaws [PDF] to require executives officers to hold three times their annual base salary in stock, with Non-Employee Directors holding five times their annual retainer and Tim Cook required to hold ten times his annual base salary in stock.

The requirement for executives went into effect February 6th, while the requirement for Cook and the Directors went into effect back in November.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Calpers discussed the new executive-ownership requirement with the Apple board before the meeting, according to Anne Simpson, head of corporate governance for Calpers, who declined to elaborate. The fund has long regarded executive stock ownership „as standard good practice,“ she said. „It’s part of our conversation with all companies we engage.“ Ms. Simpson said in an interview Wednesday that „there are other changes in the works related to executive pay.“

Proposal No. 5, an item that was voted on at the recent Apple Shareholder’s Meeting, would have required executives to hold 33 percent of their equity pay until retirement. Apple felt this requirement was too onerous and instead adopted stockholding requirements relating to base yearly salary.

The base salaries of most senior executives will be $875,000 for 2013, while Tim Cook’s salary will be $1.4 million this year. Non-employee board members receive a $50,000 yearly retainer.

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Apple Executives and Directors Required to Hold 3x – 10x Base Salary in AAPL Stock

YouTube App Updated with ‘Send to TV’ Feature, Now Pairs with Smart TVs and Consoles [iOS Blog]

Google today updated its YouTube for iOS app, making its „Send to TV“ feature available for the iPhone and the iPad.

Send to TV lets users pair iDevices with televisions that support Google TV, allowing YouTube content to be streamed directly to the television. The functionality of Send to TV is similar to Apple’s AirPlay, without the need for an Apple TV.

With the new feature, YouTube users on the same Wi-Fi network can control video playback on the TV and create playlists using the app. Send to TV also functions with both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, though use with consoles requires manual pairing with the iOS app.

YouTube has also been updated with YouTube Capture integration, stability improvements, and improved streaming over slow Wi-Fi connections.

The universal YouTube app can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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YouTube App Updated with ‘Send to TV’ Feature, Now Pairs with Smart TVs and Consoles [iOS Blog]

Apple Working On Polycarbonate 4.5-Inch iPhone For 2014 [Rumor]

Will Apple release an iPhone that looks more like this and less like the iPhone 5?

Apple is working on a 4.5-inch iPhone with a polycarbonate body, according to a new report from Japanese publication MacotakaraThe device has reportedly been “postponed” for a 2014 release.

It’s unclear as to whether this report refers to the next iteration of the iPhone 5 or the entirely new iPhone lineup that has been previously rumored. Macotakara does note that the upcoming version of the iPhone 5 will likely feature a dual-LED flash for taking better pictures in low-light situations.

The report compares the polycarbonate build of the 4.5 iPhone to the material used in the 13-inch MacBook that was replaced a couple years ago by the entry-level MacBook Air.

Macotakara mentions a $330 price point for the device, which is coincidentally the price of the iPad mini. Rumors have been saying that Apple wants to introduce an iPhone that costs less to customers. $330 doesn’t seem cheaper, but such a device would assumedly be sold unsubsidized by the carriers. The unsubsidized price of the iPhone 5 is more than $600.

Other publications, like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, have said that Apple is planning to release a cheaper iPhone in late 2013 by the earliest. Apple has made it clear that it doesn’t care about hitting a certain price point to gain market share. Tim Cook recently said the following:

“For years, people asked, ‘Why don’t you have a Mac that’s less than $500 or $1000?’ And we worked on this, but we concluded we couldn’t do a great product at that price. But what did we do? We created iPad, which starts at $329.”

Source: Macotakara

Image: Flickr

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Apple Working On Polycarbonate 4.5-Inch iPhone For 2014 [Rumor]

Apple’s Polycarbonate iPhone with 4.5-Inch Display Arriving for $330 in 2014?

Japanese blog Macotakara reports (via AppleInsider) that Apple’s plans for a lower-cost iPhone have now been pushed back to 2014, with the company reportedly planning to use a polycarbonate body similar to that seen on the discontinued white plastic MacBook. Apple is said to be targeting a price of $330 for unsubsidized models, significantly lowering the cost of entry in markets where carrier subsidies are uncommon.

The lower-cost iPhone is also said to include a 4.5-inch display, larger than the 4-inch display that debuted last September with the iPhone 5. Apple has been rumored to be developing both larger and cheaper iPhone models, although most observers have expected the lower-cost iPhone to adopt a screen size in line with either the iPhone 4S or perhaps the iPhone 5 in order to help Apple save on costs. Digitimes last month was the first source to claim that the lower-cost iPhone would carry a larger screen with a launch later this year, but it later backtracked from those claims in noting that a larger iPhone would not launch this year.

Macotakara suggests that the plastic iPhone will measure somewhat thicker than the iPhone 5 given the thicker material being used for the casing, but that the device will otherwise be very similar to the current design.

Finally, the report claims that the iPhone 5S to be launched later this year will adopt a dual-LED flash system for the rear camera. iLounge had previously claimed that the iPhone 5S will include an improved flash, along with an enhanced rear camera sensor and a processor bump.

Macotakara has offered accurate information on Apple’s plans in the past, including details on the iPod nano and iPod touch redesigns launched last year, but it has had some misses including a rumor that the iPod nano would add Wi-Fi capabilities to support iTunes in the Cloud.


Apple’s Polycarbonate iPhone with 4.5-Inch Display Arriving for $330 in 2014?

iPad Mini Sales Overtaking iPad Sales Faster Than Apple Expected

Sales of the iPad mini are cannibalizing sales of the iPad, according to a report from NPD DisplaySearch. January shipments of tablet panels between 7 and 9 inches eclipsed shipments of larger panels, indicating an unexpected shift in consumer preference for a smaller form factor tablet.

Shipments of 9.7-inch panels (the iPad) fell from 7.4 million in December to 1.3 million in January, while shipments of 7.9-inch panels (the iPad mini) rose to over 5 million. Smaller tablet panels, including those used for the iPad mini, the Kindle Fire, and the Google Nexus, saw total shipments of 14 million.

In December, NPD estimated that Apple would sell 40 million iPads minis and 60 million iPads during 2013, but the January sales numbers suggest that the mini will outsell the iPad.

As we noted in December, Apple had planned to sell 40M iPad minis (7.9”) and 60M iPads (9.7”) in 2013. However, the reality seems to be the reverse, as the iPad mini has been more popular than the iPad. We now understand that Apple may be planning to sell 55M iPad minis (7.9”) and 33M iPads (9.7”) in 2013.

For much of December and January, the iPad mini was in short supply due to low yield rates of the mini’s display panels, with shipping times up to a week. Apple finally reached supply-demand balance earlier this month, which will facilitate even greater sales of the smaller tablet.

During Apple’s January earnings call, Apple executives addressed cannibalization fears, indicating that the company is not worried about iPad mini sales overtaking iPad sales.

Cannibilization is a huge opportunity for us. We never fear it because if we do, someone else will do it. iPhone has cannibalized iPod, that doesn’t worry us. iPad has on the Mac, and that doesn’t concern us.

Currently, the full-sized iPad is an attractive choice because of its Retina display, but Apple is rumored to be releasing a second generation iPad mini with Retina later this year.

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iPad Mini Sales Overtaking iPad Sales Faster Than Apple Expected

Upload Full-Size Photos To Instagram With #NoCrop [iOS Tips]

Want to preserve your entire photo, without having to crop it, and save it to Instagram for all your many followers to enjoy and Favorite? Well, you could pull it to your Mac, create a square canvas, add sidebars with an image editing app, and then put it back on your iPhone, ready to send to Instagram, but who wants to do all that?

#NoCrop–the app, not the hashtag–has you covered.

Instagram typically forces you to crop your photos to fit their square aspect ratio, a call back to the old Polaroid days. What that means is that you lose parts of your image. Many Instagram users have taken to adding horizontal or vertical bars to their photos, like a letterbox DVD, and then uploading to Instagram. Do a search on the hashtag #nocrop, and you’ll see them.

The free #NoCrop app, then, does that all automagically. ONce you download it from the App store and launch it on your iPhone, simply tap on the giant Import button in the center of the screen, hit the share button in the upper right corner, and send it along to Instagram (or Facebook, Twitter, email, or your camera roll). You can also hit the Flip button just below the share button to flip your photo either horizontally or vertically.

Hit the Share to Instagram button, and you’ll go right to the Instagram app on your iPhone, where you can then apply filters as usual. When you get to the final Share Photo page, you’ll see that the message area is auto-populated with “(Made with #NoCrop), which will then be searchable as a hashtag on Instagram. Slick!

I’m looking forward to seeing all your photos in their un-cropped glory on Instagram; let me know what you think of the app in the comments section below.

Source: App Store
Via: Addictive Tips

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Upload Full-Size Photos To Instagram With #NoCrop [iOS Tips]