Toyota vs BMW ADs

Toyota пусна клип в който рекламират "hybrid synergy drive" технологията, тъй като от компанията смятат през следващите 4 години да представят 8 нови хибридни модела. 

И клипа на BMW – "Living in the Lights"

Кой клип харесвате повече?

Кой клип харесвате повече?

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Зареждане ... Зареждане ...

За паролите …

През декември 2009 година в резултат на атака над RockYou в интернет са били публикувани  32 милиона акаунта на услугата. Специалистите на iMPERVA, са провели анализ и са намерили следните закономерности…


10 Year Old Video of Steve Jobs Defining Apple


Sometime after 1997 when Jobs returned to Apple, he gave this motivational speech defining Apple and their "core beliefs". While wearing shorts. While we can’t promise he’ll be sporting bare legs this Wednesday, this minute-long clip is powerful stuff.

My favorite quote from the video shows the lack of modesty that Jobs manages to deliver so well:

"What we’re about isn’t making boxes for people to get their jobs done, although we do that well."

But if you’re wanting to create a motivational desktop wallpaper featuring his photo and a choice quote, you can’t go wrong with this little gem:

"Apple at the core, its core value, is that we believe that people with passion can change the world for the better."

Source: Gizmodo

Интересна тениска

Хората си обичат различните производители на оборудване или софтуер и си носят тениски които демонстрират обичта им …


Можете да си я поръчате от  тук.

Steve Ballmer signs MacBook Pro – running Windows, of course :)


While meeting with a group of students, one of them asked the multi-billionaire: "Mr. Ballmer, would you sign my laptop?" The inquiry earned laughs from the group, as well as as the Microsoft executive. "It’s got Windows on it," the student said, "I promise."
"Oh yeah," Ballmer said sarcastically, before taking the MacBook Pro and signing it with a marker. The autograph came with a note: "Need a new one?"
"It’s all yours," Ballmer said as he handed the Apple machine back to the student.

The student also uploaded a photo of the signature to his personal Web site.