Много отдавна не съм публикувал някой симпатичен представител на вида котки….

The Smallest Mac in the World?

Forget the Psystar business— this Hackintosh is much more interesting. A member of the OQOTalk forum has demonstrated his OQO running a hacked version of Leopard. It takes over two minutes to load but it looks like it’s all there, including such goodies as...

Live Mesh Technology

Microsoft is unveiling a technology preview to a really neat new software+services platform called Live Mesh. Live Mesh is a brand new platform that helps your devices act together through the internet enabling users such as you and me to manage, access, and share...

Windows PING command

See output of the ping command on Windows 2003 SP1: C:\Documents and Settings\root>ping www.dir.bg Pinging dir.bg [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=63ms TTL=58Request timed out.Request timed out.Reply from