За котките

DSC06270 Понеже тази неделя съм впечатлен силно от "домашната леопардова котка" и реших да потърся по темата повече ….



Представете си изненадата ми когато попаднах на следния материал:


"Дизайнерски котки на цена към 25 000 долара- хит на пазара"

1 Ноември 2007 / http://www.bgfactor.org

13082 Породата " ашера" е кръстоска между африкански сервал и домашна леопардова котка

"Дизайнерски" котки с леопардова окраска и размери на куче печелят популярност сред любителите на домашни животни по цял свят въпреки внушителната цена – към 25 000 долара, пише The Daily Mail.

13082_5335 Котките от порода " ашера" били създадени в лаборатории в САЩ от група генетици, оглавени от британския предприемач Саймън Броди. Те са получени след кръстоска на дива хищна котка – африкански сервал и домашна леопардова котка, разпространена в Азия.

"Котетата са скъпи, но вече продадохме доста от тях в САЩ, Азия и дори в Русия", съобщава Броди, който добавя, че желаещите да си купят "ашера" се записват в списък и чакат поне 9 месеца.

Според бизнесмена, "ашера" е най-голямата, рядка и екзотична домашна котка в света. На височина тя стига един метър и тежи почти 14 кг. Животните са с добър нрав, обичат децата и са доста непретенциозни към храната и условията на живот.

Wireshark v1.00

Wireshark is network protocol analyzer, and is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many industries and educational institutions. Wireshark has a rich feature set which includes the following: Deep inspection of hundreds of protocols, with more being added all the time; Live capture and offline analysis; Standard three-pane packet browser; Multi-platform: Runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and many others; Captured network data can be browsed via a GUI, or via the TTY-mode TShark utility; The most powerful display filters in the industry; Rich VoIP analysis, etc…
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Oink Windows Vista

51m1yoimddl_ss500_ Microsoft has in Japan, combined Windows Vista Home Premium with Windows Live OneCare in one eye-popping hot pink box.
As a special promotion for the Japanese market, an upgrade version of Windows Vista Home Premium is bundled with a year’s subscription of Windows Live OneCare and a copy of a Vista tips and tricks book. The pink flowers are called sakura (cherry blossoms) and this is being released for the Sakura or ‘Cherry Blossom’ season, which is a BIG event in Japan.

Link: istartedsomething

Microsoft vs. Apple

Source computerworld.com

Apple‘s teasing commercials that imply its software is safer than Microsoft‘s may not quite match the facts, according to new research revealed at the Black Hat conference on Thursday.

Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology looked at how many times over the past six years the two vendors were able to have a patch available on the day a vulnerability became publicly known, which they call the 0day (zero-day) patch rate.

They analyzed 658 vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft products and 738 affecting Apple. They looked at only high- and medium-risk bugs, according to the classification used by the National Vulnerability Database, said Stefan Frei, one of the researchers involved in the study (PDF format).

What they found is that, contrary to popular belief that Apple makes more secure products, Apple lags behind in patching.

"Apple was below 20 [unpatched vulnerabilities at disclosure] consistently before 2005," Frei said. "Since then, they are very often above. So if you have Apple and compare it to Microsoft, the number of unpatched vulnerabilities are higher at Apple."

It’s generally good for vendors to have a software fix available when a vulnerability is disclosed, since hackers often try to find out where the problem is in order to write malicious software to hack a machine.

For a vendor to have a patch ready when the bug is detailed in public, it needs to get prior information from either its security analysts or from external sources. Otherwise, the vendor has to hurry to create a patch. But that process can be lengthy, given the rigorous testing needed to test the patch to ensure it does not conflict with other software.

Apple only started patching 0day vulnerabilities in late 2003, Frei said.

"We think that Apple had fewer vulnerabilities early on, and they were just surprised or not as ready or not as attentive," Frei said. "It looks like Microsoft had good relationships earlier with the security community."

Over the past few years, Microsoft has tried to cultivate a closer relationship with the security community in order to encourage researchers to give it a heads-up about software problems. Apple, however, doesn’t appear to have that same sort of engagement yet, and, "based on our findings, this is hurting them," Frei said.

Curiously, both vendors’ abilities to have 0day patches ready at disclosure seemed to dip in the six months before a major product release. That trend was most pronounced in 2004 and 2005. Frei theorized that the buildup to big software releases took away software engineering resources.

Andrew Cushman, director of Microsoft’s Security and Research, said he couldn’t pinpoint what might cause that trend. But in 2004 and 2005, Microsoft had a rash of vulnerabilities pop up in its Office products that it did not get advance notice of, which may have contributed to a higher percentage of unpatched publicly disclosed bugs.

However, the study proved to be such a glowing affirmation of Microsoft’s increased focus on security in the past few years that it prompted Cushman to ask Frei, "Did Microsoft fund this research?"

"This is independent academic research," Frei replied.

Pasting tables into Windows Live Writer

You can use ‘Paste Special’ to get this done if you’d like- just copy from Excel and use Crl+Shift+V (or edit>Paste Special) and choose ‘keep formatting’. Our default html handling currently strips tables since pasting from web pages so often includes tables for layout.

Why didn’t I think of that?! When you hit Ctrl-Shift-V, you get the following dialogue box.


Choose "Keep Formatting", and VOILA!  You have a nice table in your blog post.

Windows Server 2008 is 20% faster than Vista

It seems Microsoft may have a successor (or replacement) for Vista after all and it’s already been released. Windows Server 2008 isn’t easy to configure as a desktop operating system but when done correctly can be 20% faster than Vista while retaining most of the same features.
Windows Workstation 2008 is not a product sold by Microsoft and must be configured from a copy of Windows Server 2008. It seems this version of Windows lacks the “bloat” that is part of Vista. However, I am not sure what the author is referring to (but is likely talking about unnecessary services). Of course this version of Windows was designed with developers in mind who covet speed above all else. Workstation 2008 includes IIS and Hyper-V for creating virtual machines.
A Microsoft employee and third party website have created tutorials on how to use Windows Server 2008 as a desktop operating system. This is what I’ve been referring to as Windows Workstation 2008. Keep in mind that this will have the same driver problems as Vista does, meaning, if a Vista driver doesn’t exist for a piece of hardware you still won’t be able to use it with Server or Workstation 2008.
Source: Blorge