HTC Breeze and Trinity appear online

HTC Breeze and TrinitySome images from a friend in the know, dear reader, about HTC’S Breeze and Trinity handsets (respectively pictured), each being a WinMo 5.0 Smartphone with UMTS and video conferencing camera. No further details or word yet on when these’ll hit the streets (let alone production lines), but we’re looking forward to ’em like you know we do ’round here.

Linux as the Future Kernel of Mac OS

Apple had their pick of kernels when transitioning from OS 9 to OS X, and they chose to create their own kernel based on Mach 3.0. Was that really the best decision or did Apple make a huge mistake? At the time Linux was gaining support and developing rapidly, while development on Mach had pretty much ended two years earlier. This article makes a case for Apple using the Linux kernel in a future version of the Mac OS.

Raids close file-sharing server Razorback2

Joint raids by police in Belgium and Switzerland have shut down a popular file-sharing server.

The Razorback2 server was part of the Edonkey file-sharing network and was used by a third of the system’s users.

The server held an index of 170 million pirated files, said the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

In the raids, the server’s Swiss owner was arrested and the Razorback2 machines were seized from a Brussels-based hosting firm.

Stop serving

The statement from the MPAA said Razorback2 was one the largest of the 200 or so index servers on the Edonkey file-sharing network. Users consult these to track down files.

It hosted one of Edonkey’s most widely used indexes of pirated copies of movies, games, TV programmes, music tracks and software.

The joint raids are the latest move against the Edonkey network. Previously raids have shut down many of the file-sharing network’s most popular servers in the US.

Unlike many other file-sharing servers, Razorback2 was run as a business and generated cash for its owners via donations and advertising.

In the statement Dan Glickman, MPAA chairman, said: „This is a major victory in our fight to cut off the supply of illegal materials being circulated on the internet via peer-to-peer networks.“

It is unclear what effect the shutting down of the Razorback2 server will have on overall file-sharing figures.

Studies of the different file-sharing networks show that the numbers of people using Edonkey is on the increase. It has become the dominant network in South Korea, Italy, Germany and Spain.

However, following raids and shutdowns, many file-sharers simply move to other networks such as BitTorrent or have turned to older systems such as Usenet.

Notes posted on discussion groups by Edonkey users following the raid show that the number of people on the Edonkey network was back to normal a few hours after the server was shut down.

World’s largest Windows error message


We went down to New York for the long weekend. Despite the 16-degree weather, we walked down to Times Square – all the bright lights lured us the ten blocks from our hotel. When we got there, we stood like, well, tourists, gaping at all the electronic billboards. And then, across the square, I saw it: the world’s largest Windows error message – on a two-story high e-billboard (I guess everything really is bigger in New York). It was the only billboard in the entire square with absolutely no movement – since the PC running it had obviously frozen.

A clearer view of the message for you error-message geeks:


Microsoft To Offer Free VOIP Service?

WinmobileMicrosoft has developed a Skype-style free internet voice service for mobile phones that City analysts believe could wipe billions off the market value of operators such as Vodafone.

The service is included in a mobile version of Microsoft Office Communicator due to be released this year. It will take the form of a voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) application that allows Office users to make free voice calls over wi-fi enabled phones running Windows Mobile software. It uses the internet as a virtual phone network as well as accessing e-mail, PowerPoint and other Office applications.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer dropped his bombshell at the mobile operators’ annual 3GSM show in Barcelona last week. The significance of his remarks was missed because of his effusive and eccentric delivery.

News Source: The Business Online

Windows Vista Editions

Ms_vistanewOn the Microsoft Website, a series of Windows Vista Editions have been presented on a particular Microsoft Windows Vista help page (still in BETA though). The following can be summarized…

* Windows Starter 2007
* Windows Vista Home Basic
* Windows Vista Home Basic N
* Windows Vista Home Premium
* Windows Vista Business
* Windows Vista Business N
* Windows Vista Ultimate
* Windows Vista Enterprise

Please visit source for further details…

News source: Microsoft Windows Help BETA

Installing Oracle9i on FreeBSD

  2. Before We Begin
  3. Step 1: Prerequisites
  4. Step 2: Getting Oracle9i for Linux Distribution
  5. Step 3: Preparing The Installation Process
    1. Create /compat/linux/etc/mtab
    2. Symlink /bin/awk, /bin/sed, /sbin/chown
    3. Create /compat/linux/bin/arch
    4. Configure SYSV Shared Memory
  6. Step 4: Creating the Appropriate User Accounts
  7. Step 5: Running the Installer
  8. Step 6: Oracle Universal Installer
  9. Step 7: Starting the Database
  10. Appendix A: Credits
  11. Appendix B: References
  12. Appendix C: System as Tested
  13. Appendix D: De-Installing Oracle
  14. Appendix E: Revision History

Asus P305 3G Flip Smartphone

Asus305-3gSee? Didn’t I tell you we’d be busy at 3GSM? Here’s yet another new handset. This is the Asus P305 3G Smartphone. Yes, this is it – don’t be fooled by those other fuzzy shots on the web. The Asus Press Release (which can be read below) states that the device – the first 3G phone-sized flip Windows Mobile we’ve seen – will run Windows Mobile 5.0 with that new „Direct Push“ email stuff and will have a high-speed CPU to enhance video calls and streams. This also means that it’ll out-perform any 3G mobile phones in the market with 384Kbps downlink/uplink transfer rate. A bold claim indeed.

The Asus P305 will also have Bluetooth 1.2, a mini-SD expansion card slot and IR.

More details below, plus you can find some more shots of the device here at the