Toyota’s New App *Really* Wants You To Have Sex With Your iPhone

What better way than try to woo customers into buying a Prius Plug-In hybrid car than by drawing a parallel between charging your iPhone and screwing your iPhone?

That was Toyota’s, uh, “genius” idea. It’s a free game called Plug-In Championship, and it’s one of the most hysterically dumb iPhone games in recent memory, in which your goal is to plug your iPhone in to charge according to the position of a “fast-moving bar rising up the screen.”

It’s what happens when you do plug your iPhone in that is so hysterically, bizarrely sexualized, though. If you’ve ever seen the end of Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest, it’s a lot like that.

Let’s watch this promotional video for Plug-In Championship to get an idea of what to expect:

In this video, we first see a Japense schoolgirl (her skirt tantalizingly bristling with the breeze, as if to suggest the pantylessness beneath), slowly, tremulously, maybe a little shamefully insert an Apple charging cable into her iPhone.

Upon the point of penetration, she is then immediately bombarded by a barrage of imagery suggestive of thrusting penises and ejaculation, at which point Toyota walks you through many of the video clips that play in the app after you plug your iPhone in. These video clips include footage of a combusting ICBM missile, a popping champagne cork, a launching NASA shuttle, an exploding watermelon, Old Faithful erupting, a springing toaster, and more!

Toyota says that the point of all this is ” to transform people’s perspective of something that needs to be charged into something that is fun to charge.” In reality, though, the apparent goal of Plug-In Championship appears to be to transform people’s perspective of something that needs to be charged into something that needs to be penetrated and have electricity ejaculated into.

Has plugging your iPhone in ever been this smutty? I know every 30-Pin or Lightning connector technically has a male and female end, but this is ridiculous.

Source: Toyota

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