Delete Passbook Items With Aplomb On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]

No, Aplomb is not a new third-party app to help you manage your Passbook items, cars, or passes. But if any developers plan to make one, please let me know.

Really, once a card, coupon, or time-based ticket is expired in Passbook, you’ll want to delete it to prevent Passbook clutter, right? Well, it’s super easy to do so, and here’s how.

Launch Passbook with a tap from your iPhone screen, and tap into the pass, card, or item you want to delete. Tap the little “i” information icon in the lower right.

Now, simply tap the trash can icon in the upper left, and then confirm by tapping the big red Delete button that pops up with a cute “are you sure” message. If you’re not sure, despite having actually tapped the trash can icon (yes. yes I am sure!), you can hit the gray Cancel button just below the big red one.

Once you hit the Delete button, you’ll get this weird shredder thingy, which is so skeuomorphic it hurts. It will “shred” your electronic pass, and that card, event, or coupon will be gone for good. Yay!

Via: iMore

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Toyota’s New App *Really* Wants You To Have Sex With Your iPhone

What better way than try to woo customers into buying a Prius Plug-In hybrid car than by drawing a parallel between charging your iPhone and screwing your iPhone?

That was Toyota’s, uh, “genius” idea. It’s a free game called Plug-In Championship, and it’s one of the most hysterically dumb iPhone games in recent memory, in which your goal is to plug your iPhone in to charge according to the position of a “fast-moving bar rising up the screen.”

It’s what happens when you do plug your iPhone in that is so hysterically, bizarrely sexualized, though. If you’ve ever seen the end of Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest, it’s a lot like that.

Let’s watch this promotional video for Plug-In Championship to get an idea of what to expect:

In this video, we first see a Japense schoolgirl (her skirt tantalizingly bristling with the breeze, as if to suggest the pantylessness beneath), slowly, tremulously, maybe a little shamefully insert an Apple charging cable into her iPhone.

Upon the point of penetration, she is then immediately bombarded by a barrage of imagery suggestive of thrusting penises and ejaculation, at which point Toyota walks you through many of the video clips that play in the app after you plug your iPhone in. These video clips include footage of a combusting ICBM missile, a popping champagne cork, a launching NASA shuttle, an exploding watermelon, Old Faithful erupting, a springing toaster, and more!

Toyota says that the point of all this is ” to transform people’s perspective of something that needs to be charged into something that is fun to charge.” In reality, though, the apparent goal of Plug-In Championship appears to be to transform people’s perspective of something that needs to be charged into something that needs to be penetrated and have electricity ejaculated into.

Has plugging your iPhone in ever been this smutty? I know every 30-Pin or Lightning connector technically has a male and female end, but this is ridiculous.

Source: Toyota

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Use The Gmail App To Share Links From Mobile Safari [iOS Tips]

Mobile Safari has a great sharing feature, letting you send a web page to anyone via iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, or email. The bummer thing is, though, that if you hit Mail, your iPhone will wrest control from you and make you send via the built-in iOS Mail App.

But you don’t want to use Mail. You prefer the Gmail app, right? Of course you do. How the heck, then, can you send that adorable picture of a cute pug puppy via email using the Gmail app? With a secret bookmark, of course.

Here’s how.

First, launch Safari, and load a webpage. This one is fine. Now, tap on the Share button at the bottom of the screen, the icon that looks like a square with a curved arrow pointing up and out to the right. Tap on Bookmark, and then hit the X to delete whatever page title is auto-populated there. Type in something like Send To Gmail, then replace the URL in the next box down with the following code. I recommend you copying and pasting it to make sure it’s right, and all one line.


Hit Save at the top to get out of the bookmark creation screen. You’ll end up back in Safari.

Now, whenever you’re humming along the information superhighway using your iOS device and hit the Share button at the bottom, you just tap on the Bookmarks icon at the bottom instead of the Mail button, select Send to Gmail, and–if your Gmail app is running in the background–set up an email to send with the URL of the webpage you wanted to share and a subject that’s set to the title of that same webpage. Slick, huh?

You might get a dialog badge like the one in the screenshot above, but that’s ok. Hit the Open button there and you’ll go right to Gmail on your iPhone. It works on the iPad and iPod touch, as well.

Source: Mac Stories
Via: Macworld Hints

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mŌna iPad Stand Will Set Tongues Wagging [Review]

So curvy that even the pixel cyclops can’t keep his eye off it.

mŌna by Kubxlab
Category: Stands
Works With: iPads 2, 3 and 4
Price: $30

There would be but one way to make the mŌna iPad stand seem more like an adult toy, and that’d to make it in pink. As it is. The suggestive-looking stand comes in black, white and red. I have been using one on and off for a few months (strictly for iPad support purposes) and found it to be excellent in some aspects and silly in others. Would you like to know more?

Conversation starter indeed…

The mŌna is a a kind of swooping plastic curve that looks like it could be a spaceship from a sci-fi movie, complete with folding warp nacelles, or something. The big ball section is a hinge, and from there two legs open to wrap their ankles around the waist of your full-sized iPad (any model except the original fat one).

Two legs open to wrap their ankles around the waist of your full-sized iPad.

You can use it in both vertical or horizontal orientations, although vertical works best, and when it’s folded the mŌna is small and light enough to toss in a bag, or to sit in pants back pocket.

The Good

Once set up, the stand is super steady.

The mŌna is small, sturdy and very adjustable. Its v-shaped, rubber lined cutouts grip the long edges of the iPad, and the rubberized edge of the ball makes it non-slip. Not that it’ll do much slipping anyway as it forms a rigid triangle with the iPad and the table beneath.

You can slide the “feet” up and down the sides of the iPad to get different angles, from almost vertical to around 45˚ (this will get in the way of the mute button though, so you might want to flip it and use the iPad upside-down instead).

Once set up, the stand is super steady. Shoving the iPad with your finger just makes it slide away. Thanks to the design you can’t tip it over.

The Bad

Just the one foot makes the iPad tip up a little.

The problem is that you can only really use the stand in portrait mode. It works when tipped on its side, but the foot gets in the way and sits under one end of the iPad, making it tilt. This could be pretty annoying for movie watching.

The shape of the stand when folded also makes it a little awkward to carry,. It’s not thin enough to slide into an iPad case, not short enough to disappear into a pocket. In a suitcase or big (m)(p)urse, though, it’ll disappear.

The Verdict

If you think you’ll like this stand, then buy it. It’s just $30, and is easily tough enough to outlast your iPad. If you are looking for compact versatility, though, my recommendation is still the PadPivot, which remains the best iPad stand I have used (and still use daily).

On the other hand, if you’re travelling alone and want to pack just one gadget to keep you company on those long nights alone, then this is probably your best bet. Just remember to clean it in the morning.

Product Name: : mŌna

The Good: Small, tough, versatile. And a great conversation-starter: for conversations about sex toys, anyway.

The Bad: Portrait only, unless you have a crick in your neck.

The Verdict Great, but limited. If you like its style, then don’t worry about it’s build-quality – it’s just fine.

Buy from:


Rating: ;☆☆☆☆☆ ;

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