Just a couple days after releasing the fifth and sixth iPhone 6 ads starring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, Apple has released a seventh called „Voice Text“. The new ad focuses on one of the new features introduced to iMessage in iOS 8, the ability to instantly send audio messages quickly and easily.

The ad humorously highlights how voice messages can be used to better communication with friends, with examples pointing out how voice messages are good for sarcastic comments, singing and saying hard-to-spell words instead of typing them.

Apple, so far, has released two new iPhone 6 ads at a time, releasing „Duo“ and „Health“ during the iPhone 6 event in September, „Huge“ and „Cameras“ in late September and „Reservations“ and „Gamers“ a couple days ago. „Voice Text“ marks the first time Apple has released an iPhone 6 ad by itself.

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